Paco Osuna: It really is a kind of family affair...

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 16/7/13 9:25

Paco OsunaPaco Osuna seems to be a man very much concerned with evolution and development. It is perhaps these ideals that have enabled Paco to remain at the forefront of clubbing culture for the last twenty years.

Over the years his own career has taken several twists and turns as he evolved from a housier sound to the more techno focused aesthetic that we hear today. 

And now as a label owner, he remains dedicated to nurturing new production talent through his own Mindshake Records, an imprint that has garnered worldwide success in its own right.

The Barcelona based artist is showing no signs of slowing down, perpetually casting his eye and mind forward into the future as he looks to push electronic music relentlessly onwards. This summer will see the Spaniard hitting Ibiza regularly, playing exclusively for Richie Hawtin’s Enter. parties as one of the night’s residents.

Fresh from an amazing Sonar week, I Voice caught up with Paco to discuss the event, working with Minus and of course his own Mindshake Records imprint.

First things first, how was Sonar this year? What were your highlights?
It was amazing and really special for many reasons but first of all because I've played Sonar Festival again after seven years and at the Enter. Stage for the first time. We also did a Minus Vs Mindshake Showcase at CLUB4 and it was a blast!

This year I'm in Ibiza working exclusively as a resident DJ for Enter.  It's really something special for me since I'm part of the project not only in playing music but it's also something that goes beyond that...Being from Barcelona yourself, are you proud to welcome the electronic music world to your home city like this? Does it also mean you have some insider knowledge on where the best parties are going to be?
Yes I'm very proud since promoters, labels and DJ's are here in Barcelona for the whole week and Barcelona becomes the epicenter of electronic music during that period of time. This doesn't mean that I can know each party in town, as there are so many parties that this would be impossible.

How did your Mindshake Vs Minus showcase go? You seem to have a great working relationship with Richie and the guys?
As mentioned, the party was a blast! My relationship with Richie and all the other guys at Minus is really special. It really is a kind of family affair.

Why do you think your partnership with Richie is so strong? Where did you first meet and how has your friendship developed?
We have a strong relationship because it's always been a very clear and very honest one. We’ve known each other since 1998 after meeting in France and until 2005 it was basically a friendship. Then it turned into a working relationship for Plus8 and finally in 2008 I became part of the Clonk roster.

Are you looking forward to being part of Enter in Ibiza again this summer? What is so special about Enter parties?
This year I'm in Ibiza working exclusively as a resident DJ for Enter. . It's really something special for me since I'm part of the project not only in playing music but it's also something that goes beyond that. Richie involves me in many ways… sharing ideas and suggestions on many aspects of the event.

You also did a Mindshake party at Sankeys Ibiza in May. How was that and are you planning more label showcases in Ibiza throughout the summer?
The party was really good and it kind of reminded me of memories back in the old days because it was a couple of years since I’ve played at Sankeys ever since the Enter. exclusivity. Fer BR and Barem were amazing. It was my first gig in Ibiza this year and full of friends and good energy.

What is your biggest challenge in running your own label?
I wish that all my new artists can reach and have their own space in this world.

The label seems to have a strong ethos geared towards developing new and exciting talent. Do you think that is an important focus for you label and who are the guys that are really exciting you at the minute?
This is the focal point and the goal for the label: To believe in them and wish them a prosperous career. There are so many artists on the label to believe in and be excited for.

Fer BR is more like techno, Lorenzo Bartoletti is more tech-house, Sean Random is more deep. Everyone has something different that makes them special and I certainly cannot choose only one!

Do you get the chance to relax and have time off in Ibiza much? What do you like to do with time off there?
It really doesn't happen so often, but for two weeks every season I like stay with my girlfriend and my dogs, catch up with friends and make my famous paella!

Have you got any ‘secret’ places (beaches, restaurants etc) that you like to hang out away from music?
When I was resident at Amnesia I knew many secret places for Calas but I cannot remember the names.

Have you got any new productions on the way? Where will you be touring over the next few weeks?
I’m working on a new EP with many artists collaborations like Paul Ritch, Fer BR, Kabale und Liebe, etc but I cannot say when it will be released since my calendar is very full for the next few months. I'll be playing all around Europe and the States, like EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Monegros, Creamfields, Loveland and many clubs…really too much to remember.

Catch Paco Osuna @ Enter. - Space Ibiza, 18th July, 29th August, 12th September & 26th September

Enter. Ibiza 2013 - Thursday @ Space Ibiza - Line-up

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