Coyu's Suara Mission

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 2/7/13 8:48

Coyu’s Suara MissionSpanish DJ and producer Coyu has been writing his own notable story in the last couple of years. The Suara label he runs has gone from being a little known outlet for tech house into one of the biggest labels in the game in a very short time. As well as picking up plenty of heady chart positions on sites across the internet, the label has successfully and continually A&Red exciting new talent and ever more legendary names alike. His own producitons too have gone from strength to strength, with him releasing on labels like Diynamic, 100% Pure and Noir Music.

Now, in 2013, in the wake of label nights everywhere from Brazil to London, Coyu has been enlisted as resident out at Pacha Ibiza playing the Insane night with John Digweed and Fritz Kalkbrenner.

As if that was not enough, he has some very grand plans for a Suara Foundation, clotheslines and more and recently remixed Fatboy Slim.

Of course, the label also has an enduring fascination with cats, and their furry faces often form the artwork for many of the label’s releases, so we quizzed the man born Iván Ramos Salinas about that and much more…

Why do you love cats so much?
I'm a cat lover. My girlfriend is a feline veterinary nurse and she transmitted me her passion for cats. I think a label needs a strong image, a truly identity, so it's not about being obsessed but mixes my passion for cats with music.

You recently remixed Fatboy Slim – how did you come to do that?
I already did a remix for Skint two years ago. It was a big success so they asked me for doing a second one, this time for Fatboy Slim. They offered me a non-super well-know track of Norman. It was a nice track but I was not sure about the success of that project. That's why I asked to do the remix of Right Here Right Now. It's one of my fav’ tracks ever and I was 200% sure I could do something nice with this track...

And how did you approach the remix? Were you scared?!
Well... it was a proper adventure. The difficulty to make an own version of one of the most important tracks of the electronic music history is huge. I was not scared because I was very sure of my skills and I had the final result on my head even before of starting the remix, but it was a big responsibility.

Everybody love Right Here Right Now. So I knew a lot of people would put their eyes on my remix. I just tried to pay tribute to the original, bring it to the club and to the current 2013 sound. I'm extremely happy with the results. It's one of the most sold tracks of the year on Beatport, but what make me happy is how everybody have showed me gratitude for refreshing this timeless track. That's a great feeling...

What’s your approach in the studio – where do you start on a main track?
I don't have a proper methodology at the studio. I just sit down, drink some coffee and try to find a few exciting sounds that make me create something interesting.

And are you someone inspired and influenced by other music or do you shut yourself off from it all when writing?
The music you hear and the daily experiences you have make you different. That's why one day I’m in a techno mood and I do a track for Cocoon and the day after I’m doing something experimental (75 or 190 bpm) for an unknown project I'm working from the shades.

What have been some highlights of the Suara label for you so far?
2013 has been the best year of Suara so far. We got our first #1 Overall on Beatport. I think Tube & Berger's big hit “Imprint Of Pleasure” is the current best seller of the year in terms of “underground” music. It was released in January and is still on the Tech House Top10. But the biggest goal of Suara is release fresh and quality stuff, no matter styles... from techno to house, from deep to heavy sounds. We release everything sound cool... and underground.

Coyu - Sonar 2013
Have you any big goals you wish to achieve with it this year?
We wanna make Suara bigger as a brand. More label parties, the new clothes line, Suara Foundation... What an exciting year!

Are you keen to nurture a family with the label or is it just about releasing good music?
I just try to release quality stuff, no matter where it comes. But I like to bring Spanish artists and friends to the label. Why don't help to someone who speak my language and live near to me? But only if they make high quality, of course.

That's why the label have showcased a lot of Spanish artists on the label parties... but also some of my best DJ-friends. So I guess Suara is becoming a big family.

How much time do you spend looking for new talent and listening to demos? Is the general quality good or bad or?
We receive thousands of demos every week. Thousands! I have some people who help me to listen all that stuff. Some of those demos are good, some of them are bad. There are also a few ones that are extremely good... and we use to release those ones.

Have you any tips for people sending you demos?
Please don't send me electro, trance, trap and mainstream shit.

What is the next project you are working on?
There are a lot of exciting projects at the moment. One of them is my follow-up EP for Cocoon.

You have been made resident at Pacha – how do you feel about that?
Historically Pacha has been one of the hottest clubs of the scene around the World. Ibiza wouldn't be the same without Pacha. It’s such a big honour to have the chance to be resident there. I'm digging on Friday's new night “Insane” and I already can say it's the hottest new night of the 2013 season. We have some of the best artists of the moment playing there every week (John Digweed, Joris Voorn, Nic Fanciulli, DJ Sneak, Uner...) and the most important, a super cool and knowledgeable crowd.


Insane - Friday @ Pacha Ibiza 2013 - Line-up

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