The Revenge - Body Fusion EP on Roar Groove

Words by: Angus Thomas Paterson
Posted: 23/7/13 9:44

If you’ve been wondering where Glasgow nu-disco maestro Graeme Clark AKA The Revenge has been hiding for the past few years, he’s actually been greatly productive as part of the 6th Borough Project alongside partner Craig Smith. After their 2011 album One Night in the Borough, Clark has seen it fit to return to solo duties with a fresh Revenge four-track EP.

The Body Fusion EP strikes a balance between the live disco instrumentation, and more straightforward club dynamics; though it’s appeal is definitely more esoteric than it is predictable.

The lead track Wreck My Love starts off with a raw, earthy drum break that’s joined eventually by a stark electro bassline. The live high hats build in intensity as the song’s warped, crackling vocal sample gradually grows in clarity to take presence in the mix; showing these two opposing elements working together.

Largely, the track is a DJ tool that eschews the need for any big hooks or catchy vocals. Elsewhere, The Joy shows The Revenge flexing his techno muscles with a spacey club jam, endlessly looping the vocal sample, building a tripped-out atmosphere behind it. Lost Properly is a more conventional club groover, while MWI takes the techy excursions even further.

The Revenge isn’t afraid to slow the tempo down here, with a collection of tracks that focus on the darker disco atmospherics, offering the DJs a solid selection of tools to work within a set; without bowing to the pressure to create an impact with heavy-duty hooks or vocal samples. It’ll be of high interest to The Revenge devotees.

Artist: The Revenge
Title: Body Fusion EP
Label: Roar Groove

TracklistWreck My LoveThe JoyLost ProperlyMWI

Our rating: 7/10
The Revenge


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