Various Artists - Colour Series Vol1 LP on Colour Series

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 10/7/13 9:14

Colour Series was established last summer as a medium for We Love... Space resident Jem Haynes, who—like so many others before him—harbored a desire to helm his own label and release music at his own pace. On Colour Series Volume 1, Haynes cherry-picks a number of his close associates to join him on the journey, with imprint's inaugural compilation one that's as indebted to weighty, bottomless textures as it is to disco, house and tech-house leanings.

The compilation opens with the deep, intoxicating strands of Sam Chorlton's ''Reflections''. Constructed on a lackadaisical, Balearic tip, it's precisely the sort of record that pays homage to the label's roots in Ibiza. Chorlton is one of the compilation's main players throughout — but nowhere is his contribution greater than on this track.

Rick Grant's ''No Gas'' then ups the ante considerably, with its sturdy kicks helping to shift the compilation's attitude. Chorlton crops up again on ''That Tension'', a track that—as its title would seem to suggest—leans heavily toward atmospheric planes. Label boss Haynes teams up with Mike Peters for ''Dark Days'' soon after, by which point matters take a turn toward more emphatic sound spheres. Swiss duo Swalltown Collective, however, go one step further, with their swinging interpretation of the latter bolstered by a shrewdly placed vocal sample.

Chorlton's ''Dusavik'' serves up arguably the compilation's darkest moment, with it ultimately acting as a clever foil to Haynes' almost trance-esque ''A Beautiful Place''. Euphoric and bumping—but with rich crossover appeal—it's another big moment on a package that's positively brimming with them.

The rest of the compilation catapults Haynes back into the spotlight, as he re-joins Peters for ''Sonne''. Of more interest, though, is his collaboration with fellow We Love... resident Ian Blevins under their Second Line moniker. If ''A Beautiful Place'' strayed toward unparalleled areas, ''Fly Back'' puts matters firmly back in their place, with its smattering of claps, vocal chops and bumping baseline proving another winner.

''Daylight'' leads the listener toward the finish line, and is another track that owes a sun-kissed debt of gratitude to the label's Spanish heritage. The non-stop action comes to a close courtesy of ''Tribute'', another rollocking saunter through contemporary tech-house that's notable for its clean production and unfurling pace. Come summer-time, the concept of the label compilation tends to take on a life of their own, springing up practically everywhere we look. Colour Series Volume 1, however, is without doubt one of the better ones you're likely to encounter this season.

Various Artists mixed by Jem Haynes
Title: Colour Series V1 LP
Label: Colour Series

Tracklist01. Sam Chorlton - Reflections02. Rick Grant - No Gas03. Sam Chorlton - That Tension04. Shimiko - Fade to White05. Jem Haynes & Mike Peters - Dark Days (Smalltown Collective Remix)06. Jem Haynes & Mike Peters - Dark DAYS (Original Mix)07. Sam Chorlton - Dusavik08. Jem Haynes - A Beautiful Place09. Jem Haynes & Mike Peters - Sonne10. Jem Haynes & Ian Blevins (Second Line. - Fly Back)11. Jem Haynes & Mike Peters - Daylight12. Jem Haynes & Mike Peters - Tribute

Our Rating: 7.5/10 


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