Dantiez Saunderson feat Mike Anderson - Can't Stop Us EP on KMS

Words by: Rob Warner
Posted: 25/7/13 8:19

It's not often you can say someone was born to make dance music but if any could make the claim it's the three sons of Kevin Saunderson and wife Ann. Beyond imagining the amount of musical knowledge that was imparted over a lifetime it is a really cool thought that such an influential name like Saunderson will continue to make a mark in the music world for a long time yet.

All of the Saunderson sons are making a good crack and each has their own vibe. In the past 6 months middle son Dantiez has started quietly putting out some pretty dope tracks which have impressed. Here on this release alongside English artist Mike Anderson he has definitely found his niche.

"Can't Stop Us" is a simple but elegant track which starts out with a stripped groove, a subtle über Detroit background pad and the spoken vocals of Anderson. The vocals are the perfect compliment to the steady build and have heavy shades of the Foremost Poets/Johnny Dangerous preaching style of vocals. As the groove rises some distorted wooden percussion is added and a grinding low bass fills in the low end.

A cool variation on the original comes in the Pitched Down Vocal mix that opens up a gothic disco vibe by pitch-shifting into voice of God territory or something similar.

The Dub Mix subtly tweaks the arrangement more again for another useful version.

Artist: Dantiez Saunderson feat. Mike Anderson
Title:  Can't Stop Us EP
Label: KMS

TracklistCan’t Stop Us - Original Vocal Mix
Can't Stop Us - Pitched Down Vocal Mix
Can’t Stop Us - Dub Mix

Our rating: 7/10
Dantiez Saunderson feat. Mike Anderson


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