H.O.S.H - Forever Young Part 1 & 2 EP on Diynamic

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 25/7/13 8:20

H.O.S.H. is the alias of Hamburg native and Diynamic mainstay Holger Behn – a man with a keen ear for unpretentious, dancefloor friendly house music.

The 2 parts of ''Forever Young'' are his most recent endeavours, and it sees him bring the listener down a lane that's positively brimming with joyous vibes aplenty. The concept might be based around the producer's childhood dreams - but there's nothing childish about the manner under which they see the light of day here.

Opening Part 1 is ''Lifeguard'' - and immediately it reinforces the fact that H.O.S.H. thankfully opted for a career in music. Much like when the producer was entertaining such thoughts, it's stuck in a brilliant and unashamed time-warp, with numerous 80s influences characterising the general feel of the track.

''Cowboy'', produced alongside Stimming, is structured on a more esoteric tip, with its twinkling melodies and left-field textures combining with an unlikely and unpredictable ease.

The 2nd part comes to life instantly thanks to ''Fireman'', a track that's ever so typically H.O.S.H. in that it draws you in with a big bassline and positively spits you out the other side. Of all that's on show here throughout the two releases, I anticipate this one doing the most damage. 

It's left up to ''Astronaut'' to complete the fun-filled package – a task it adheres to with the sort of class that's ubiquitous while still offering an alternative to what's arrived before. Here's to the rest of the series being every bit as good.

Artist: H.O.S.H
Title: Forever Young EP Part 1 & 2
Label: Diynamic

TracklistLifeguardH.O.S.H. & Stimming - CowboyFiremanH.O.S.H. & Wayan - Astronaut

Our rating: 8/10


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