Jorge Bule & Hunab - Hera EP on Apparent Horizon Label

Words by: Rob Warner
Posted: 24/7/13 9:13

Apparent Horizon debuts with a twist on experimental techno spread across four top notch tracks by artists Jorge Bule and Hunab. It would have been easy to launch (yet) another techy label but this Berlin label clearly has different ideas and this release puts down a marker for the sort of quality they’re all about.

Spaniard Jorge Bule opens with ‘Rods From God’, a steppy, dark excursion which morphs over its six minutes through spacey keys to sub-heavy breakbeats.

Helio 1’ is the main event on the release so far as sinister techno goes. It’s dub-style techno done supremely well – a set-starting track of gothic Danny Tenaglia proportions. It doesn’t hit the 4/4 from the get go but builds through morphing delays and fine, metallic percussion.

HunabIxtab’ is Jeff Mills-slanted experimental techno. It’s not a dance floor track per se, more an avant-garde piece which takes on a breakbeat theme in parts.

Sinus’, also by Hunab, is a movie soundtrack style piece full of floaty, ethereal pads, segments of manic percussion and others where it strips back to little more than a kick drum and background noise-fill.

Again this isn’t what you’d call a dance floor track but in the right setting it would sound like a modern version of Kraftwerk jamming a live set outro.


Artist: Jorge Bule & Hunab
Title:  Hera EP
Label: Apparent Horizon Label

TracklistJorge Bule - Rods from GodJorge Bule - Helio 1Hunab – IxtabHunab – Sinus

Our rating: 7/10
Jorge Bule & Hunab


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