Monegros Festival 2013 - Saturday, 20 July 2013 - Review

Words by: Charlotte Buller
Posted: 25/7/13 9:59

Monegros Festival 2013 19th Edition - Monegros Desert/ Fraga, Huesca - Saturday, 20 July 2013 - Party Review
There are some amazing festival settings around the world, and Monegros, in the Spanish desert, is certainly one of them. Every year a sprawling site pops up with a number of different stages, stalls and varieties of extra entertainment, all accompanied by 40, 000 clubbers from around, mainly, Europe. Oh, and of course there’s some music, too. Each year the festival offers up a cute selection of underground acts from across the board, and in recent times more and more superstar headliners have been added.

When we arrived thankfully the sun was just setting beyond the horizon so it wasn’t too hot but it sure was spectacular looking. First up for our eyes for raucous French indie rockers Justice who play a full on set of maximal sounds backed with suitably maximalist lighting displays The crowd went mental throughout, no doubt happy it was a little cooler and they could go full on.

As well as great music this festival offers plenty of wonderment in the form of moving dinosaur skeleton art installations, stilt walkers and burlesque dancers, all of whom help add to the atmosphere of the festival.

The next great musical adventure for us came from Minus man Matador who played loopy, stripped back techno that was lapped up by all. Going much deeper the second he took over was Berghain techno pin-up Marcel Dettmann, who slowed the BPM but didn’t lose any of the crowd who were probably thankful for the slightly slower tempo at this late hour. After him came Joris Voorn, who served up plenty of big bold basslines and chopped in classic cuts with plenty of unknown and exclusive gems.

One of the biggest draws was Underworld, who put on a fantastic show that ran the gamut of the bands whole back catalogue and ended with classic cut Born Slippy, which went down as well now as it did ten years and more ago. Elsewhere there was dark techno from Len Faki, and loopy, stringy, Latin inflected minimal from Cadenza boss Luciano – basically there was something for every shade of dance fan.

With so much to explore across the many different stages it’s impossible to see everything at Monegros. But for what you can see, and in such an unusual (if not at times annoyingly dusty) setting, the festival is hard to beat.

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