Matthias Tanzmann: "Every Monday the line ups are insane."

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 6/8/13 11:10

Matthias TanzmannMatthias Tanzmann has been a stalwart figure within the Circoloco ranks for over 6 years now. Performing legendary daytime sets at the illustrious Ibiza venue Matthias has not only gone from strength to strength on his own accord, he made his beloved Moon Harbour imprint into one major players in house and techno.

Here we have a chat with him about this seasons antics at his second home, the forthcoming releases on the label and his trip back to the UK for Circoloco in the Arena.'s the season going?
I spent the whole month of July in Ibiza, so played a lot already. The DC10 season has been great. The parties have sold out at Circoloco every week and so its been great.

You've been a resident at DC10 for some time now. What do you make of where the club is at right now?
I think its certainly more popular, I don't mean that in a bad way. I see so many nights struggling in Ibiza this season and a lot of them targeting the same crowd and you can see not all parties are busy. DC10 however seems to be attracting all the clubbers with programming and the artists playing so DC10 has even been growing in popularity and i wouldn't have thought this was possible 5 year ago.

Have you one favourite memory of the place over the years?
Let me think, looking back its always nice to see the sit downs, they are so famous. I can't possibly pick out one but when you see the whole terrace sitting then raising the roof, those are just so special.

Do you think house and techno is nearly at saturation point in Ibiza?
No maybe not generally but there are a lot of nights like I mentioned before that are similar so its just to much for everyone to get involved in. So maybe in that way its saturated.

It costs to much money to go out all the time, so thats where the problem starts. A couple of years ago there was just a few nights a week but now there are like two a week that are offering the same sound. So giving the fact that its expensive and there is to much choice you probably could say its saturated.

DC10 is just a magic place, there is always a buzz around DC10, if you just look at the line ups week in week out, they are so big.
You don't get that everywhere else...
Why do you think it's such a special club?
I don't know really. DC10 is just a magic place, there is always a buzz around DC10, if you just look at the line ups week in week out, they are so big. You don't get that everywhere else. Every Monday the line ups are insane.

How will you chill out when you're on the island? Or do you always leave directly after your set?
I was living in Ibiza for around four weeks with Martin and Davide so although it was pretty crazy I have had some time to relax. Now I'm back in Germany at the moment working so I'm pretty excited about my next holiday already.

What guests who are playing in DC10 this summer are you particularly looking forward to checking out?
Usually as always i love playing Davide (Squillace), its always great when we do the back to back sets. Kerri Chandler also always impresses me, Jamie (Jones) of course. The usual suspects you know, they're all good.

Matthias Tanzmann @ Circoloco in the Arena 2012Closer to home, how is Moon Harbour getting along?
Really good actually. Really excited about the new compilation coming in October which will tie in with some special events at ADE. So we are really busy. We also have some amazing EPs out to follow too.

You'll also be playing at Circoloco in the Arena again this summer. How was that last year?
It was just amazing, the venue was great, the vibe was great. I played quite late and it actually started to rain so I thought people may leave but they just kept on dancing. It was like a crazy circus.

What does it mean to represent the brand internationally?
We always do quite a few around Europe. This year we have Circoloco in the Arena and one in Italy and with Ibiza it all ties in nicely. Its very special to me, I'm proud to be part of the crew, that fact we get to go to great places and play to amazing crowds. Its so impressive when we go to place like Peru or Australia they are really feeling what we do, some of these guys have never been to DC10 but are so in love with the brand and what they have heard. It stands for something special in their lives.

Finally, how do you hope to look back on the 2013 season? What will constitute a success for you?
Obviously I want DC10 to go well, I'm pretty sure it will. I really want to finish the album off with Martin and Davide (Better Lost than Stupid project).

What can we expect from the album?
Well we have a lot of downtempo stuff on the album and then more dance floor orientated stuff too. It has some very interest sound combinations. I'm really excited about it. We have only played one of them so far as well so its all very under wraps right now. We can't wait to get it out to the public.

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