A picture is worth a thousand lies...

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Posted: 12/8/13 11:33

A picture is worth a thousand lies...They are making their way through the crowd and gently push you to make a step aside. They don’t dance, don’t cheer and drink considerably less than the others. They stalk the DJs, shake hands with the club staff and quit long before the night is over. They are photographers, the power brokers of the modern Ibiza clubbing scene.

Photographers are no longer reporters who cover the events – they are members of the marketing team whose job is to convince the client to buy the product. This summer they are assigned a hard task – to make photos with a special angle so that people believe all venues are filled. Believe, and as a consequence buy tickets, come to the club and spend money at the bar.

It’s not such a big deal for a true professional, to create the impression of a packed event. A popular solution is to make lots of close-ups of DJs, dancers, performers – there are so many interesting personalities around, no need indeed to let empty spaces on the dancefloor get into the frame. Then let’s head to the DJ booth and target the camera so that we see the mixer and the decks in the foreground and the raised hands of the front row of euphoric clubbers, which makes us believe there is a big crowd outside the frame, somewhere in the middle of the room (that might or might not be true).

Last but not least, when you see a real big thong on a picture try to focus a bit more and check if people are squeezed to each other or there is enough space between them to let them move freely – what looks packed might be pleasantly rarefied in fact. These are just a few examples of how a wise old bird of a photographer proves us that his craft is actually an art and contributes to the world of make-believe that Ibiza 2013 is.

When it comes to more static phenomena things get even more delusive. In the eye of a good camera every hotel room looks irresistibly cozy, every t-shirt seems to be of high quality cotton and every meal whets a mighty appetite. For example, have you ever seen pictures of meat at Montauk, the new steakhouse at Ushuaia Tower? Succulent and mouth-watering, isn’t it? For your information: the Times’ columnist Giles Coren would include Montauk in the list of the 50 World’s Worst Restaurants (www.thetimes.co.uk). Attention, please – not best, worst. Even though it looks so splendid on photos.

From Bomba to BooomNow to the club. We’ve seen it with our own eyes that the ill-fated Booom is not busy at most nights except Defected and Cadenza Vagabundos – but you can never tell judging by their promo pics. There might be 20 people on the dancefloor and 30 model-looking females in the VIP area (you can’t be sure if they are having fun or working), but the official camera never lets us see it. All you see is smiling faces, gorgeous girls with drinks and DJs concentrated on their work – fabulous. Almost everyone is using such techniques nowadays to spruce up the reality. We chose the example of Booom just because there is something more to tell about the venue.

To our deep regret, the club is in its last days. On the 30th of November 2013 Cipriani’s lease is over and won’t be renewed, since the new landlord, Nayarit Inversiones 2012 SL, is going to exercise its option to purchase the premises. All the costly works and improvements carried out by Booom (including the installations of a precious soundsystem) will remain the benefit of the new owner with no compensation being paid to Cipriani.

Neither will the new landlord pay out debts or obligations undertaken by Booom. The employees, contractors, service providers, suppliers, or ticket holders of Booom got their warning on the Facebook page and the official site of the club. Yes, now that the game is over their site is working properly.

The shocking decision is said to have been formally communicated to Cipriani and Booom in a letter addressed by Nayarit’s tough and powerful lawyers on the 2nd of July 2013. That’s it. Finita la commedia.

The mystery of the quick and unexpected renaming (from Bomba to Booom) has finally cleared up: it was Nayarit’s sister company Vantage Investments who registered the name Bomba Ibiza and was its exclusive owner.  The plans of the new landlord are unrevealed yet, but they are reported to be discussing a new concept for the venue with several of the major club operators on the island. So the problem was not in the fact that it is a disco (remember there were talks that no new clubs were allowed to be open in this area?) – It was the unbidden Cipriani who needed to be evicted.

This is a sad and cruel story with much more losers than winners – DJs, promoters and clubbers got disgracefully misguided and misled in the course of this disco battle, the biggest and the dirtiest the island has seen in this century so far. Currently there are four weekly parties at Booom that seem viable, two of which, Get Physical and Circus, are Ibiza newcomers and will have to struggle next year to start everything from the scratch. The other two, Cadenza Vagabundos and Defected, have their second weekly residencies at Ushuaia and are very likely to be invited by some other clubs for next summer (thus, before Booom opened its doors Defected did a couple of nights both at Sankeys & Eden this season).

Those who still had an unsullied illusion that everyone can try to launch a club or party start-up in Ibiza are sure to have lost it by now. A big new stain landed on the image of the island. Let’s see if this will teach a lesson to the new entrepreneurs who try to come to Ibiza with new ideas and projects. Anyway, no matter what their ambitions are, they shouldn’t forget to hire a talented, creative photographer…

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