H.O.S.H. "Keep those dreams alive and make them become reality"

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 12/9/13 9:33

H.O.S.H.  - Keep those dreams alive and make them become reality Few labels have enjoyed as consistent and thrilling a past few years as the Hamburg-based Diynamic imprint. Helmed by Solomun, it has quickly grown to become one of the most on-point labels in the electronic music sphere.

One man who has played a key role in its formation is Holger Behn aka H.O.S.H., a producer with a well-known propensity for melody and charm.

And he's been keeping busy too, as we found out recently when we caught up with him to talk about his new EP series, Forever Young, the label night at Sankeys and his time at Pacha this season...

Tell me a bit about the Forever Young EPs that you've been working on recently...what's the idea behind it all?
Forever Young consists of 4 Releases, with a total of 8 tracks which are printed on 10” Vinyls and sure also distributed digitally. After all tracks the tracks are released, there will be also a complete album CD and also a special collector box with all vinyls.

But Forever Young is not just a series of tracks. The concept was to do a whole series related to one theme. Forever Young stands for our dreams in this case - and not the beauty war. It´s all about our dreams and the goal to live those. When we were young we were dreaming much more and only a few people keep those dreams alive and make them become reality. To make this more obvious and to expand on the idea, I wanted to accompany each release with a video that represents a character of those dreams.

Why use a concept at all? Is it just a way to draw attention to your music?
Ha! Attention is great but, it's far from the main reason behind the series. Forever Young is a project which came to my mind at the end of the last year. At that point for me, it was not the right time to do a whole album story but neither did I feel like producing just normal EP´s. So in the end the idea soon switched towards a series I wanted to do something different. There are so many possibilities nowadays to do things. So why always do it the same way?

Good shout. You must be keeping incredibly busy recently with the release schedule though, right?
Yes, this project takes more time than I thought it would, but in the end it´s keeping me busy in a good way. I like to work under pressure and I'm quite good in holding my deadlines. I really have a fire burning for this project so it makes it nice work and I do not feel the stress about it.

Ibiza has been good to you this year, considering you've branched out a bit and played at Pacha for INSANE and at Solomun's new night, +1. How have you found it all?
The season has been great so far. It started with Solomun's +1 night where I played two times and I was amazed about the whole concept. Solomun and the team really put something outstanding together there at Pacha. I must say I really like to play at Pacha. It might be a big club but it does not feel so big to me.

The INSANE parties also have a great concept. Steve and the crew put together an outstanding line-up and the feedback from all sides has topped all expectations. I can just congratulate Pacha to the route they took with those parties and my experiences really were 'insane'.

So do you approach the gigs in Ibiza any differently than you would elsewhere?
I always prepare my gigs in some way. I take at least two to three hours to prepare a set, and even more if you count all the checking of all new releases etc. But I always take a different approach whether it's Ibiza or somewhere else.

Based on my experiences and the information I got about a certain night or club I always have a picture already which I keep in mind while preparing my set. But in the end one of the biggest weapons you have with a DJ set is also to achieve something spontaneously on the party. So I plan and keep track of whats going on but I try not to structure a set too much.

DIYNAMIC NEON NIGHTSYeah...and you pretty much kept the concept at Sankeys the same this time around for Diynamic, right?
The concept this year is about NEON again, yes. We kept the concept - especially in the basement - as there wasn't actually much room for improvement. We like it glowing in the dark in there! It perfectly suits the room.

It's very different though in the new room, the lab, here we have a bit more light, and the room is new and special. And because of the different levels in there you have a certain character of the room already.

We added some selected Items to give this our touch. In general we are not big fans of to much decoration and try to let the music speak.

Does Ibiza still excite you like it did when you first came?
I am still very excited about Ibiza. This is only our second season and it feels like a second home to me already. I cannot think about a summer without Ibiza these days to be honest.

Have you found time to play much elsewhere this summer? Like back home in Germany for example?
I played lots of Festivals and gigs all around Europe the whole summer. In Hamburg I also played a couple gigs on my Grünanlage Open Airs. After Summer the international touring will begin with Brazil, Australia and Mexico. I'm busy!

Are the gigs in Hamburg always that much more special than in other places?
I love to play in Hamburg as so many friends come to the gigs. It´s still a bit different for me to play in Hamburg than elsewhere though. I grew up musically in this city and I like to give something back. Besides that, the scene also is excellent in general and well educated. I am proud to be a part of this scene still.

I believe you have your own open-air party in Hamburg. What's the thinking behind that one?
Yeah, the parties are called Grünanlage and it's our 9th season this year. The parties happen on the weekend, mainly Sundays in the past, in Hamburg's beautiful parkside. We have a crazy number of visitors from all the north of Germany and even further. I have not experienced many parties besides them with such a vibe and energy. I really suggest you visit Hamburg and become part of it It´s an experience - no matter who is playing. The line-up is excellent though of course.

Was Hamburg a great place to grow up for electronic music, then?
As I only know Hamburg I can only speak for Hamburg and I must say it was. We have a good scene for many years now. International acts were always around and Hamburg has a certain feel for quality in my opinion.

And how important has the Diynamic crew been to your success? Do you all help each other out?
Diynamic is my family. And this explains it all. With a family behind you will always get forward much faster and you have always people next to you when you need help.

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