Once upon a time there was an island...

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Posted: 4/9/13 15:56

Once upon a time there was an island...Let’s start with the toll, shall we? This summer so many parties have dropped out of the race that we have run out of epitaphs. This week we are waving bye-bye to Circus and Get Physical at Booom, CNSTRCT, Feed The Greed & Ministry of Sound at Eden, Kisstory at Es Paradis, The Arena and Cristian Varela & Friends at Privilege – we have barely announced the inception of some of them… A la guerre comme a la guerre.

While Eden, Es Paradis and Privilege event cancellations can be contributed in most cases to low attendance, Booom mudslingers have achieved their aim: promoters consider it safer now to keep away from the venue. Thus, the official Circus press release says “We all know the team at Booom! have experienced a very turbulent time this summer, along with many unfortunate internal complications. So, we have decided we are going to finish a few weeks early and wish them all the very best for a much smoother ride going forward.Yousef was more explicit on his Facebook page: “Circus gracefully step aside from Booom Ibiza after tonight”. Good for him – he managed to do it gracefully.

Idealistically as it may be, Booom don’t think they lost the war after losing a couple of battles (as you might remember, last time we reported the new owner of the premises won’t prolongate Giuseppe Cipriani’s lease). Not giving up, Cipriani stated in an interview to Ibiza Style magazine: "Don’t worry, we will be here with Booom also next year”. Looks like he has a plan, and it’s great to hear this, but which promoter will dare to work with Booom after all their emergencies?

In survival of the fittest only two strong nights keep Booom alive now – Defected on Saturdays and Cadenza Vagabundos on Sundays, but even their existence is not fully serene. Last Sunday morning a fire extinguisher was let off at Defected so that people had to be evacuated and the party stopped. While some Booom guests praise the disco’s staff for the professionally performed evacuation, other Facebook users report violence: “A dear friend of ours was badly beaten to blood by 12 monstrous security bouncers in the discotheque BOOM last night for absolutely no reason wanting to push him in to a special room... This is ridiculous!! What is going on with this island?!?!? People watch out!!!!” Further in comments people say that the securities must have blamed the accident on the wrong person – and punished this wrong person more than severely for the thing he had never done. Booom publicly apologized for the interruption of the party, but keep silent over the fact of beating.

Frustrated by the mishap, Defected tweeted "We sincerely hope that these actions were not part of the continued dirty tricks campaign against Booom Ibiza this summer" – indeed, while there is life, there is hope. Oh, and wasn’t there a blackout at Defected at Sankeys earlier this season? As we remember, La Plage also suffered from systematic electricity cut-offs before they eventually had to close down. Poor new smaller venues, they seem to have technical troubles much more often than the big old superclubs…

Love and Respect connection... Such stress! Our last hope is the new spa that is planned to be built on Tagomago. It’s there where we will cure our wounds (let’s hope, only emotional ones) after holidays in Ibiza. Ecologists, as always, protest against touristic development of Tagomago because it threatens posidonia, but the greens are always protesting against something, just give them a cause… Just in case – this passage was a sarcasm.

With club owners waging an all-out war on each other, DJs also feel inspired to whet their tomahawks. The restless gangster DJ Sneak twitted after playing at Pacha last Friday: “Insane good crowd&vibe but the best part was telling a Wanker 2 fuckoff 4 telling us 2 move aside so joris could link his laptop&ipad”. Joris Voorn, even though it was not him but his assistant who was picked at, snapped in response: “The best part was telling someone to fuckoff? Then who’s the wanker here…?”.
And the small talk went on:

So how am I supposed to get ready if three djs occupy every inch of the booth with 2 mixers and 6 cd players?” (Voorn)

If you all can’t get one lap top, iPad n toys to work it’s not my bizz. When grown men are at work you stand back n learn”. “Fuck that shit. Get a USB n play out of it till you can link your equipment. Simple solution”. “I suggest you drop the drama kid. You don’t want beef with me trust me.” (Sneak)

Gimme all the beef you got Sneak, I’ll eat it raw!!” (Voorn)

Ill cook it for you man. No sense in eating raw meat.” (Sneak)

Ok, if Voorn’s assistant was rude with Sneak, Farina and Carter playing b2b2b, it’s absolutely not cool. But hitting back in response is neither a way out, conflicts should be solved in a diplomatic way. The answer to the “Who is to blame?” question here is simple – everyone, for tweet-yelling at each other and escalating the drama. One of the few reasonable comments was left by the legendary Ibiza DJ Cesar de Melero who couldn’t help mentioning that in 1987 such thing was totally impossible because there were just two DJs playing at Pacha all the summer.

Once upon a time there was an island where music was free in every sense of the word. An island that encouraged you to be yourself with all your creativity and craziness – yourself, and not a desperate wannabe. An island that was full of inspiration and lived up to the motto only some freaks remember now – “Ibiza. Love and respect”.

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