Lorna Dune - Miamisphere EP on Lo Bit Landscapes

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 9/10/13 9:03

Having never come across Lorna Dune before, but knowing that she must have pinched her name from the titular character of a nineteenth century British romantic novel, I was pleasantry surprised to discover that her music, although also having a connection to the past, sounds fresh and vital.

Lorna Krier is the real name of the lady at work here and she has an illustrious background in "new music", aka "classical music that is still being written". There's often a scepticism aimed at cross-genre performance of this nature; one that views such ideas as transitory dalliances amongst the proletariat. Whatever objectives were in mind, however, this is a venture which works extremely well.

Naming one of your tracks after the protozoa which causes malaria is always a sure fire way to elicit my interest, and 'Plasmodium' is certainly a very well-weighted piece of music. light and airy but with an elastic bass line and a dark undercurrent, it's a very appealing piece of machine hypnotics, the dynamics of which never allow it to get bogged down in cliche.

'Agnes Day' uses similar elements, its synthetic chords building on 'Plasmodium's' arpeggiations and, like the former, reminding me of Goa trance, but in a good way.

'Miamisphere' has by far the slowest tempo here, it's a dreamier piece and a narcoleptic interlude, but just as kaleidoscopic as the other two compositions. It's tempo makes it an ideal candidate to be remixed though, and Terekke, recently garnering praise for releases on L.I.E.S, does an excellent job. Retaining the mystic ambience that envelopes the original, he adds a dampened drum which courses its way through to result in a piece that effectively nods to much of the good stuff which is currently emerging from New York, while hovering in a celestial hinterland.

The influence of Goa trance is alive and well in this release, specifically the more commercial side. I remember Paul Oakenfold in his Goa phase playing very similar stuff in the mid-nineties and, although it was only tolerable in small doses, there were some great riffs. This release ably updates said sound almost twenty years later, and throws in Terekke's great remix, which moves in a different sonic sphere altogether, as a bonus.

Artist: Lorna Dune
Title: Miamisphere EP
Label: Lo Bit Landscapes

TracklistPlasmodiumAgnes DayMiamisphereMiamisphere (Terekke Remix)

Our Rating: 7.5/10
Lorna Dune


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