Lee Brinx - Same Things EP on Lower East

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 18/9/13 8:46

A label that's always come through with interesting releases since its inception is Lower East. At one point it seemed as though the label, owned by Cozzy D, Dexter Kane and Lee Brinx, would be tarred with the dreaded 'Deep House' tag – however, their choice of artists and music has always been diverse enough to avoid falling into that category. They have also carefully manage the release schedule, a considered approach which means the market is never over saturated with Lower East EPs... their 31st release in three years contains the handiwork of one of the label's owners, Lee Brinx and it's a real treat.

Brinx has years of experience as both a DJ and a succesful producer, his track Same Things features the vocals of Davide Sciortino and displays Lee's ability to roll out fresh, dancefloor-ready house music. The bassline drops in within the first 30 seconds and it's bound to send any club into a frenzy when played, Davide's soulful, stirring vocals provide the hook, while the percussions skips and bounces in tandem with that bassline.

Detroit badboy Kris Wadsworth steps in for the first of two very different remixes. Unsurprinsingly Kris goes at Brinx's original with an angle grinder, ripping it to shreds and throwing a slab of undulating analogue on it. Its menacing metallic movement is subdued by smooth chords and snippets of Davide's vocal, yet remains lurking in the background throughout.

Last up, Silky and Jonny Cruz team up for a disCerN remix which takes the original into more sombre territory. It features high strings, a grumbling bassline and muted, melancholy bleeps that create a dark, morose atmosphere – Davide's haunting voice takes on a far more emotive character. Sombre yet serene.

So all in all, a great package featuring a diverse range of tracks all with their own distinct character. Another fresh release from Lower East!

Artist: Lee Brinx
Title: Same Things EP
Label:  Lower East

TracklistSame ThingsSame Things (Kris Wadsworth Remix) Same Things (Jonny Cruz & Silky's disCerN remix)

Our rating: 8.5/10
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