Smokin Jo presents Fridays at Freddie

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 18/9/13 10:47

Smokin Jo presents Fridays at Freddie’s @ Ibiza Rocks House - ReviewThere is nothing new under the sun and the lasers of Ibiza big clubs. The island has become very predictable – no matter if you stay here all summer and go out three times or week or you come once a year for a short holiday, you always get more or less the same nightlife experience.

In search of the true Ibiza hedonism we headed to Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes Hotel where Smokin Jo now hosts her weekly Fridays at Freddie’s event. It was September 13, and we couldn’t imagine a more proper date for a decadent frenzy than Friday the 13th.

Ibiza Rocks House at Pikes has always been the place to be. Opened in 1978, Pikes became the first legendary Ibiza hotel where all the celebrities of 1980s used to stay, including Julio Iglesias, Bon Jovi, Boy George, Freddie Mercury and all, all, all.

In 2011 the venue got a new life as Ibiza Rocks House, but remained to a great extent untouched with respect to the fabulous spirit of the long gone bohemian days. The favourite suite of the Queen vocalist has been the scene for lots of insane parties back then, and serves as a playground for many cool events now.

We arrived at 1.30am to find the party almost in full swing. David Morales started to play on the tiny dancefloor, smiling and eagerly taking pictures with everyone who asked him to. Later on he was replaced by Skin from Skunk Anansie, and the other names on the line-up were Andy Baxter, Andy Carroll and Smokin Jo herself.

Those who wanted to choose their own repertoire went down to the karaoke room that is actually a bathroom where you are supposed to perform sitting in a jacuzzi filled with multi-coloured plastic balls – acoustics in bathrooms is just sick, as you know.

There should be a law according to which a true Ibiza party can’t exist without a garden. It’s where you run out to breathe some fresh air, bump into a friend, get to know a dozen of new mates and hang out for two hours, totally forgetting about the initial purpose of your small escapade.

People in wigs, tinsel and fancy dresses caper around, while DJs dressed as rock stars in denim, torn tops and spike trainers eagerly pose for iPhone cameras and shake hands with their happy fans. At last we found ourselves in a properly mixed crowd, with no bouncers guarding the DJ booth, no VIP zone with ropes and again bouncers – a cool cosy Ibicenco bedlam where you don’t notice how time flies.

 Ibiza Rocks HouseThe most lavish party Pikes has ever witnessed was Freddie Mercury’s birthday in 1987 when the hotel welcomed 500 celebrity guests, when it took three days to inflate all the helium balloons and the fireworks were seen as far as in Mallorca.

What happens on Friday nights now is smaller in scale, but if you want to approach the experience of the Pikes’ heyday, there’s really no better option.

The entrance to Fridays at Freddie’s is free, with a guestlist. Some people doubt whether to go to Ibiza Rocks House or not, because they don’t know the road and are afraid that the taxi might be expensive – these are not the reasons to chicken out.

The hotel is located really close to San Antonio and is well sign-posted. So don’t hesitate to sacrifice the beaten track for the sake of Fridays at Freddie’s, even if it won’t be Friday the 13th anymore.



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