Edible a Party by Eats Everything at Sands Ibiza - Review

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 19/9/13 9:36

Edible a Party by Eats Everything at SandsLast Sunday the weather was benevolent to beach parties: though the sky became obscured from time to time, Playa d’en Bossa managed to do without rain.

Eats Everything and his Edible party at Sands enjoyed a fine Balearic summer day which grew into a an equally fine night – the event started in the afternoon and lasted until midnight. As all the best things in the world, it was free.

Modern laws make it impossible for Ibiza beach parties to use centripetal force – the original idea between such gatherings is that only a bunch of the promoter’s friends should be aware of them and then more and more people should draw to the centre of the action attracted by the music.

Today in Ibiza things happen in exactly the opposite way: promoters need to be very active with announcing their event via all possible channels, and when the party is in full swing it should be so cautious and clandestine that even passers-by should have no clue about what’s going on. Adapting to the rules of the game, the Edible party was relatively tiny – and really cool.

In the afternoon you needed to be right inside Sands to realize that there was a party. Even spreading your towel on the sand a few steps away wouldn’t help – instead of a coherent set you would hear soundtracks from Sands, Ushuaia and somewhere else blending into a chaotic music contamination.

This is what happens when too many venues are crammed into a tiny scrap of the beach. When properly located, we relished relaxed funky beats wafting from the booth and made conjectures who could be the special guest – it turned out to be Cassy, the lady behind the recent fabric71 compilation. The other Edible DJs were Justin Martin, Jackmaster, DJ Die and Eats Everything himself.

Eats Everything and Justin Martin....LIVE Beach parties are inconceivable without a charismatic host. A technical virtuoso might deliver an impeccable set but still wreck the event for the lack of contact with the audience. Eats Everything showed his worth as a most congenial host – the cheerful plump aficionado electrified the atmosphere with his presence, giving away a part of his soul in the form of bags with edible goodies, which we sadly missed (losers).

In the night Sands changed beyond recognition. With shimmering blue light and tables moved aside it acquired some acid house vibe, with the only difference that the music was much more beach-friendly than acid.

The most epic, to our taste, musical moment was when people started jumping up with their hands in the air to Follow The Step by Rachel Row at around 11pm – no matter how many times we heard this tune at no matter how many events this summer, it still strikes a chord and doesn’t leave us jaded.

Looking forward to seeing the Edible party back to Sands! And now a glimpse of future. Next summer Don Toni Hotel will be converted into Hard Rock Hotel and Sands will find themselves squeezed between two posh party hotels, with Ushuaia being the other big-name neighbour. How will it affect the dear beach restaurant? No answer yet…


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