Tom Demac & Will Samson - It Grows Again EP on AUS Music

Words by: Dave Jenkins
Posted: 6/11/13 8:08

It’s been a great year for Will Saul’s AUS. Mirroring his own success with his critically acclaimed Close project, Aus continues to delve deeper into the dancefloor psyche, offering new twists and additions to house music’s ever-evolving framework. Following monstrous EPs from Deetron and Dusky comes this alluring EP from Tom Demac and Will Samson

It Grows Again” ignites with a sense of yearning dreaminess as somnambulant pads instantly envelop you and set the scene for Will’s far-away falsettos. A tightly executed balance ensues as a muscular rhythm ensures an unmistakably direct dancefloor energy while Will’s vocals weave and swell with a soulful softness. Developing momentum for the heavenly breakdown, we joyously plummet into a tight web of synths and sighs. Spellbinding and rich in emotion, it guarantees to capture your dancefloor’s imagination before a much deeper, bulbous bassline whisks us away on the drop.

Chasing Shadows” follows a similar suit. To begin with the vocals are a little more abstract, acting more as sonic textures that complement the organ groans and the snappier rhythm. Switches are flipped midway as a refreshing lead melody and a more focused vocal make themselves known. Coming on strong like one of Hot Chip’s earlier works, but reproduced in a cavernous, cobwebby cathedral, there’s a distinctive inward-facing shyness to the soulful groove.

For added value Tom’s also contributed his own Formula remix of “Chasing Shadows”. A much more direct, techno-informed introduction takes place; it’s nothing but thundering kicks and well-rounded, one note acid strikes. An array of shuffling hi-hats and tightly edited vocal groans infuse, building gradually for the entry of gigantic bassline. Suddenly we’re flung from a tech mindset to something much sexier and garage-like. It’s here where Will’s vocal is allowed to play a much more dominant role in the presentation. If you’ve been enjoying Deetron’s work of late, you’ll be all over this.

Another solid chapter in Aus’s on-going dancefloor commentary, the partnership of Demac and Samson works incredibly well; and whether you’re more keen for the invigorating emotions of the originals or the direct punch of the Formula remix, you’re highly likely to find satisfaction here.

Artist: Tom Demac & Will Samson
Title: It Grows Again EP
Label: AUS Music

TracklistIt Grows AgainChasing ShadowsChasing Shadows - Formula Remix

Our rating: 8/10
Tom Demac & Will Samson


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