Next Wave Closing Party @ Moma - Review

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 7/10/13 9:07

Next Wave Closing Party 02nd October 2013 @ Moma Ibiza - Party ReviewAmong all of the Ibiza closings we visited last year Next Wave left a truly stunning impression. Taking place at Vista Club which at those times was still a new and undiscovered place, it gathered a crowd that was unanimously hungry for proper underground experience. Ricardo Villalobos, Raresh, Rhadoo and Petre Inspirescu absolutely stole the show and laid foundation for the hopes that Next Wave could turn into a weekly residency. However, the attempt at the residency didn’t last long and had to finish the season prematurely – same was the fate of several other Vista Club nights. Fortunately, it didn’t prevent Next Wave from repeating last year’s success and throwing a grand season closing party at MoMa on October 2.

MoMa was built to be a typical hotel disco: rectangular, very simple and located in the basement of Garbi in the centre of Playa d’en Bossa. It’s easier to imagine a “radio top 40” party here than a techno debauchery – but with all the lights off and the winning tandem of RPR Soundsystem + Villalobos behind the decks the unpretentious venue transformed into a highly appropriate place for one of the most underground Ibiza closings.

The DJ brigade were putting records in turns, with a:rpia:r guys being as usual diligent and methodical: no melodies, no vocals, no bagatelle – just work it, work it, work it with a sturdy polished beat. When it came to Villalobos, though, the set stepped on a slippery road – as we all know, Villalobos is as good as his mood.

At Next Wave closing his mood was the most dangerous one: beaming and hyperactive, Ricardo impatiently stretched his arms to the controller, but when he finally reached it, he immediately got the crowd wonder-struck. Is it one track, a superfuturistic one, that kind of weird and rare music only next generations would be able to understand? Or is it two tracks, mixed in such an intricate way that the ear of a human being of our era can’t fully assess its merits? Sometimes the genius of Villalobos is just too much for a common audience, but here lies his charm yet. The Romanians realized that Ricardo shouldn’t be left all by himself against the mixer for a too long time and always secured him with a firm grip of a friendly hand. Just as a year ago, the DJs had wicked fun in the booth, electrifying all the club with their wild energy.

This was a party with a difference. Going out in Ibiza you normally find yourself surrounded with a Spanish, British or Italian crowd, but Next Wave closing attracted lots of punters from Eastern Europe who identify RPR’s techno as their very native sound. When Villalobos and the RPR guys play at Cocoon, it is Cocoon all the same, the huge Monday night at the huge Ibiza club. At Next Wave closing the artists went literally (since MoMa is in the basement) and figuratively more underground, unleashing the vibe that can work only during the closing week in Ibiza. And, damn, it worked.

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