MGUN - Some Tracks EP on Third Ear Recordings

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 6/11/13 8:09

Possibly suggestive of his prolificness and prowess, the title of MGUN's Third Ear debut may also hint at casual disposability. He's stopped short of not giving this quintet names and in doing so, has created an onomatopoeic EP of fine equilibrium and intent, even if it is more of an ephemeral experience than most.

These lo-fi soundscapes shimmer and shake but are fragile by nature. 'Extort' feels the most powerful, but its circuitry is insecure and needs rewiring over its brittle pound.

'Mean While' has less momentum but much more density, listening to it feels like the soundtrack to watching a rapidly evolving virus.

'Fiber' and 'Taft' are supposedly different takes of the same composition, mirroring each other in their electro sensibilities, but contrasting in purpose and insistence.

The longest track, 'Mask' blends a slightly muddy kick with plaintive cosmic scenery and has more of a sense of development than the others, reaching a climax of sorts.

More conventional than may be initially assumed, but with an unmistakably anarchic undercurrent; MGUN's latest offering is a collection of sound byte symphonies which span a range of shades and textures and, in the process of eschewing sharp-edged digital polish, add to a burgeoning branch of nonconformist sonic semantics.

Artist: MGUN
Title: Some Tracks EP
Label: Third Ear Recordings

TracklistExtortMean WhileFiberMaskTaft

Our Rating: 7/10


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