Diynamic Showcase @ Control, Leeds 04.10.13 - Review

Words by: Kristan Caryl
Posted: 10/10/13 9:29

Solomun presents Diynamic The 4th October 2013 @ Control, Leeds - Party Review
Pretty much the only thing Leeds was missing until recently was a club the size of Control; somewhere to take care of the largest parties electronic music can offer. Sure, the city has plenty of tiny hovels in which the heads can get beardy to their favourite new niche genre, but for the ever-increasing number of casual dance fans, there was nowhere.

Situated in the corner of a retail park, the new club is, in no uncertain terms, huge. Once you pass through the vast entrance foyer, past pleasant enough door and till staff, you have two choices. Left takes you into the main room, right into the Geodome. Given the promises of the place in the build up to opening, that was the obvious first place to head.

Even this second room is large, and the Geodome itself extends over the top of it like a honeycombed web. Each arm of the web lights up in an array of colours in time to the music. It’s effect makes you feel somehow deep underground and the more inebriated you become, the more impressive it is.

Music wise in this room it’s a showcase from local label Love Not Money, who favour a fairly sweaty brand of tech with plenty of manufactured tension thanks to the various tricks employed by each selector during their mixes. The crowd, largely an early twenties cross section of brightly coloured, fashionable clad kids, marches merrily to every tune.

The whole place is sleek and not overly plush in design, and most importantly has a clean, simple layout that allows for the smooth passing of traffic from here to there without interrupting the dancefloor. Waits at the bar and bogs are minimal, and trivial as that may sound we all know these things are key to get right if the club is to become the people’s favourite.

And so to the main room. Awe inspiring in scale, it opens up in front of you once you pass through the access tunnel to reveal a large dance floor high at one end surrounded by a stage for dancers. Suspended above and to the side is a caged off VIP area. It’s filled with deep red pleather booths and is tastefully done. All around one side is a mezzanine level with more booths that overlooks the dancefloor and once full of dancers, it works to fill the space nicely and makes for a cauldron like atmosphere.

The crew chosen to officially open the club after a few tester nights was Diynamic. 2013 has seen the label boss Solomun and his close cohorts Stimming and H.O.S.H. basically lock down Ibiza with two residencies. As such they are an on-point booking and one for which there is clearly high demand in Leeds given how genuinely full the club was despite its eye-popping 3, 000 capacity.

Musically, Stimming’s live set was OK, and saw the German recreate lots of his own tracks as well as plenty of rubbery, crowd pleasing house, but the back to back set from H.O.S.H. and Solomun was rather staid, mining the same soulless tech house beat for much of night. Apparently, though, that’s what the floor required because it was vocally supportive all night, especially when gigantic party poppers fired out above them at various points of the night. If you like your clubbing experiences in widescreen HD, Control is where you need to be.

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