Earth House Hold - See Through You EP on Peach

Words by: Simon Whight
Posted: 12/11/13 8:38

Peach’s maiden release was a rip roaring success; firing on all cylinders, the combination of Sage Caswell & Cromie’s terrific full spectrum originals along with a choice remix package featuring Detroit’s Kyle Hall was utterly mesmerising. Such performance creates anticipation and, taking a spin on the old adage, Earth House Hold’s See Through You EP is very much that difficult second release.

Back Where I Belong” starts off this double A-side release. Starts, continues and then doesn’t really progress in what rapidly becomes an overlong and meandering twelve minutes. Its core is a dreamy piece of beach house that is passed through what feels like twenty separate reverb chambers.

At first it feels like a blissful success but gradually erodes your stamina as it moves through minute shifts in structure.

Entirely more successful, “Little Late For That Now” dials back the groove even further, feeling like the gentle lap of an ocean against your ankles as you stand in the sea. Another twelve minute deep house opus, the reverb is thankfully restricted to a soulful vocal that calls out from the distance.

There is the slightest hint of timestretching that mechanically stretches the elements, leadening the atmosphere but not unpleasantly so.

All in all, a difficult sell for the discerning purchaser, especially with 50% of the release being such a challenge to endure. However, although it won’t grab you by the throat at peak time, “Little Late For That Now” could very well mature in warm up sessions, suited for slow burns in dimly lit basements.

Artist: Earth House Hold
Title: See Through You EP
Label: Peach

TracklistBack Where I BelongA Little Late For That Now

Our Rating: 6.5/10

Earth House Hold


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