Dana Ruh - Mawan EP on Brouqade

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 28/11/13 8:28

Dana Ruh usually makes quality tech-house tracks for her tasteful Brouqade label but the Mawan EP takes a little deep house detour. The question is whether it was worth the side trip? The title track is unconvincing, Fred P makes it more interesting on the remix but there’s nothing here that Larry Heard hasn’t already done at least a hundred times before. The second original track is a decent bonus beats addition with some nice percussion on what is mostly a straightforward tracky jam. Overall, this EP wasn’t really worth the day excursion to the deep house zone and doesn’t play to Ruh’s strength of making moody, gentle tech-house beats that get stuck in your head.

Mawan” is hypnotic, a key part of a decent Dana Ruh production. There’s also an excessive amount of restrained tension being built up musically as the track percolates but never quite boils. The bass line is easy to get lost in, a simple progression that pulses just enough to pull the track along but never gets a companion kick drum to dress it up and make it come alive. As such, this track feels like a squandered opportunity at greatness.

Fred P gives “Mawan” a breezy deep house retouch that is pretty and soulful like an old Curtis Mayfield record. The hint of garage in the bass line is the extra topping that makes this track a confection. But like all sweets, it is also lightweight and filled with empty calories that could lead to a stomachache for some. And just like the original, there is some underachieving going on here and a chance at greatness is once again lost.

At least on “Blue Moon” there is something more than just a heavy kick drum suggested. For a supposed deep house record, this EP is surprisingly deficient in house music. The problem is that the best track on the entire record is a b-side bonus beats tool. At the very least it’s closer to Ruh’s comfort zone as an artist. From that confidence comes a track with an assertive voice that at least has some dance floor appeal, something the previous two offerings couldn’t seem to muster.

Artist: Dana Ruh
Title: Mawan EP
Label: Brouqade

TracklistMawanMawan  - Fred P ReshapeBlue Moon

Our rating: 4.5/10
Dana Ruh


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