NSDOS - Lazer Connect EP on ClekClek Boom

Words by: Dave Jenkins
Posted: 11/11/13 8:44

Sounds like an old school operating system, actually a cool techno act. NSDOS comprises a contemporary dancer and a rapper – Kirikoo Des and Walter Mecca respectively – who, according to the blurb, have been collaborating since they were in short trousers. This, however, is their first outing as NSDOS. And, like pretty much everything that’s come our way on this bass-meets-tech-meets-house imprint, it’s worthy of an investigation.

Meridien S Dos” is the flagship banger of the set. A linear pump massage that marches with techno authority, there’s a unifying groove that you could see working across the board; from Dettmann to Craig, Garnier to TRG. Muscular minimal, there’s a springy sense of funk found in the off-beat stabs while distant FX process slowly worm their way from the back to the fore. Throw in some infectious 808 hi-hats mid-way and you’ve got yourself a bona fide groove.

While still wholly minimal, “Tropical Data” switches the vibe for something far more upbeat. Coming on strong like a Kenyan folk drum song covered by aliens who’ve fashioned steel drums from our shameful space debris; it’s rich in the oldest possible musical motifs but relayed in a way that you’ve never heard before. Working better as a DJ tool than it does as a stand-alone track, its textured, finely-toned percussion seems to complement any tune you lay it over.

Usually the soul preserve of the biggest, most distinctive track on the EP, this particular EP’s title track is the most leftfield, experimental of the trio. Abstract and angular to its very core, contemporisation of classic electro sits somewhere between Alex Smoke and DMX Krew with mild icy Aphexisms thrown in for good measure. The message is clear: Don’t just reach for the lazers… Connect with them.  My advice? Make a connection today…

Artist: NSDOS
Title: Lazer Connect EP
Label: ClekClek Boom

TracklistMeridien S DosTropical DataLazer Connect

Our rating: 8/10


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