Animal Trainer - We Are Ready EP on HIVE Audio

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 11/11/13 8:45

Animal Trainer's many sumptuous house leanings tend to have one thing in common: they tend to be constructed with the 'floor in mind and, particularly, for those so-called 'peak-time' moments. Their latest release sees them turn in three such expert cuts for their home label, HIVE Audio, with the We Are Ready EP a dizzying concoction of tracks that once again showcase their mettle behind the production desk.

Opening matters is the quite exceptional ''Right Time''. This one takes no prisoners from the off, as it leads the listener on a seriously frantic, bulbous walk that's positively littered with accomplished nuances. The tinpot percussion acts as a canny underlining, but it's the engulfing synth line and the sexy female vocal that lifts it to the higher end of the spectrum. Sure, it won't be to everyone's tastes and the vocal sample might not be the most original, but what's most impressive here is how the boys treat it, and that's with some style.

The title-track crops up in the middle, with its punchy horns adding a delectable sense of wonderment to the table. Imbued with brash, accomplished kicks and a firm party prompting edge, it's nothing if not a dizzying addition to the package.

On the other side of the scale, Benja & Reto Ardour whip up a remix that follows a more strident path, as it calls on intricate, deep rabbit holes and subtle, almost hidden crevices along the way. One for the night's more downtrodden and weirder moments for sure.

Artist: Animal Trainer
Title: We Are Ready EP
Label: HIVE Audio

TracklistRight Time We Are ReadyWe Are Ready - Benja & Reto Ardour Remix

Our rating: 7/10
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