Dubfire presents SCI TEC X Warung X D.Edge at Studio 80 Warehouse - Review

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 4/11/13 8:41

Dubfire presents SCI TEC X Warung X D.Edge, Wednesday, 16 October 2013 @ Studio 80 Warehouse - Party Review
For years now, Studio 80 has been hosting quality-strewn, discerning events from their main base in central Amsterdam. This year they've diversified even further thanks to the Studio 80 Warehouse, a new project that aimed to compliment their original destination. Considering they're a bunch of promoters who keep their fingers on the pulse of contemporary electronic music like few others, we figured we'd be in for quite a night too.

Situated on the outskirts of the city in a vast industrial estate, the strangest thing about the venue was the seeming lack of individuals to'ing and fro'ing outside. Mind you, that all changed by the time we finally stuck our head inside. And with SCI+TEC boss Dubfire inviting the likes of Audion (live), Miss Kittin, Tiga, Oliver Huntemann, Carlo Lio and Shaded (live) along for the ride, that probably shouldn't come as much of a surprise.

Even so, we eventually ended up opting for the sideroom, where the soundsystem – and, it should be noted, the sounds – were as impeccable as they come. Room 2, then, saw Warung face off with compatriots D-Edge, with Renato Ratier, Tapesh, Fabo and a host of others joining the aforementioned trio. My own personal highlight was Fabo, who spinned a warm and soulful set that was featured intricate grooves and dexterous, nuanced vibes aplenty. The brother of HNQO, he really seems to be grabbing the limelight with both hands of late, any it's obvious that he's very much a more than capable selector in his own right. Really expert stuff.

Ratier was another man who impressed. His stock has risen considerably recently thanks to his recently released debut LP, and much like the album, his set was brimming with tonic to the cold October air outside. Back inside, we caught the tail-end of Dubfire late on, who was whipping the crowd into a frenzy thanks to his signature blend of white noise, drops and breakdowns aplenty. It's testament to the man's effervescent popularity that he still draws the crowds – and slays them into smithereens each and every time. An entertainer at the top of his game. The audience, a mixed bag of Amsterdam natives and foreign revellers seemed to think so too, as they clapped him off stage amongst a chorus of claps and whistles.

As seems to always be the case in central Europe, the event was all organised and pulled off with the sort of organisational skills and consummate ease that we aren't always blessed with in the UK. From the soundsystem to the lockers to the production, the promoters truly pulled out all the stops to ensure this was a night worth remembering.

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