Tuccillo - Optimum EP on 2020 Vision

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 2/12/13 8:21

Ibiza-based Italian producer Tuccillo has his allegiances planted firmly in the traditional end of the house spectrum. His tracks sit perfectly in the sets of DJs such as Dyed Soundorom and the Apollonia crew, John Dimas, Djebali and the many other DJs who play what some may call 'proper' house music – that is, house music that is not contrived or over the top, just straight up grooves.

His excellent 'Eves Sky' track, which was released on Holic Trax last year, has been a constant feature of many a DJ set in the last 12 months and he continues to roll out fantastic house music either for his own solo projects or in collaboration with Holic Trax owner Tomoki Tamura as Doublet, or long-time partner Willie Graff. One look at his back catalogue and you can see how prolific he is, with releases on a plethora of labels from Nick Curly's 8Bit to Pacha Records, Defected, Freerange, Delusions Of Grandeur, Local Talk and many more.

As 2020Vision's 2013 release schedule comes to its end they renew their relationship with Tuccillo, having already released his 'Mathematics' EP back in 2011 and the 'Sabotage' EP last year. With his new 'Optimum' EP, Tuccillo crafts four more exquisite slices of real house music kicking off with 'For You' with its sleazy bassline and crisp percussion. 'For You' locks you into its groove from the off and, as it progresses, more and more elements are added to keep your attention – vocals are chopped up and stutter in and out of the background, while nineties style muted bleeps dance around the beats, and further additions are made to the percussion to keep the energy levels at a high. 'Green' follows up with a softened feel, it's all bright and breezy like the soundtrack to the first day of Spring. The beats are skippy and the b-line bounces away like a baby rabbit (see what I did there?!), strings rise in the distance keeping the atmosphere jovial while the track's sweet melody reinforces the upbeat mood.

Title track 'Optimum' juxtaposes 'Green' with its downbeat, grumbling bassline and minimal construction. It opens with almost live sounding percussion, trundling along in tandem with the gloomy bassline – however, around two minutes in, things start to brighten up a little with the odd chime and a warm glow emanating from the background, subtle but lurking there enough to lift the mood slightly. Hi-strings add tension during the breakdown, before it continues to push on in its chuggy, yet jazzy stride.

'So Hot' (featuring CH Brown) finishes things up and takes us back to the jackin' era with its oh so retro feel. Again, there's a strong element of sleaze present with CH Brown's hushed, sensual vocals adding a distinctly late-night vibe, while the bassline creeps along together with the old-school sounding percussion. As things develop, extra percussive elements come into play and add more dynamism to the track, strings build the tension in the latter part of the track as Brown's vocals increase in prominence and intensity, echoing out into a little drop.. and we get another great drop around the 5.30 mark too.

Excellence from Tuccillo yet again.

Artist: Tuccillo
Title: Optimum EP
Label: 2020 Vision

TracklistFor YouOptimumGreenSo Hot (Feat CH Brown)

Our rating: 8.5/10


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