D'Julz - Dive EP on Ovum Recordings

Words by: Marcus Barnes
Posted: 5/12/13 7:58

As the boss of Bass Culture Records D'Julz has been doing a fine job in delivering top quality house music of varying styles to the masses. The label has garnered respect and praise from all corners of the house music world, thanks to its unrelenting support of underground sounds. Likewise, D'Julz himself is a DJ and producer who remains true to the sounds that inspired him to get involved in making and playing music. His relationship with Josh Wink's Ovum label has been ongoing since 2002's 'Acid Tricks' EP, with a further three EPs signed to the label since then; 2005's 'Alpha', 'Jus So You Know' in 2008 and, more recently, 'Second Hand Feet' in 2010.

So, any keen mathematicians out there will have realised that this new EP – entitled 'Dive' – is D'Julz's fifth outing for Ovum. It's comprised three tracks and oozes quality as you might expect. The title track starts off with an eerie synth line, and a slight wobble at its heart. As the kick drum announces itself, a menacing double stab penetrates the synth line and a snare comes forth to add some energy. That first synth line remains in the background and is joined by more prominent synth bleeps which could almost be its offspring, beaming playfully. Throughout there's an ominous atmosphere, no real ups or downs, just the constant feeling of dread.. D'Julz becomes the prince of darkness.

The second track, 'Self Construction', still has a dark tint to it but lightens the mood somewhat. The razor sharp percussion works so well with the almost Latin rhythm of the bassline, and the riff that bounces over the top is fantasticly infectious. As the track builds, lots of bright tones are added increasing its depth and drawing you deeper into its groove – hypnotic and utterly immersive.  D'Julz finishes up the EP by throwing in a dub mix of 'Self Construction', which gives the breaks more prominence, softens the bassline a little and brings the mood down a bit. It's deeper and more subtle/toned down, but just as good as the original. I prefer this mix actually, it's a close call but those flute sounds push it into first place.

Great work from D'Julz as always.

Artist: D'Julz
Title: Dive EP
Label: Ovum Recordings

TracklistDiveSelf ConstructionSelf Construction Dub

Our rating: 8.5/10


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