Nimbus Quartet - Later Lover EP on Lazare Hoche Records

Words by: Stephen Flynn
Posted: 9/12/13 8:30

Following hot on the heels of Lazare Hoche's ''I Don't Sync So Volume ll'' comes the label's latest release; a vinyl-only repress of three tracks by Nimbus Quartet, a duo who were all too briefly known for their prolific output in the mid 90s. The elusive duo's body of work (excellent as it is) is the sort of fare that reaches ridiculously high figures on Discogs, with the Chunkafunk EP, for example, on sale for a mere €90.  Unsurprisingly, then, it's a body of work that's most definitely deserving of a new lease of life, and so it is that three such cuts from Nimbus Quartet's back catalogue show up here. And right from the get-go it's abundantly clear why it's still so revered by those in the know.

''Later Lover'', for instance, is well-heeled house music made for peak time floors, with its analogue persuasion and many washy pads proving a true treat on the ears. Its slightly left-field synths play a similarly pertinent role, but it's the ubiquitous sax sounds that help lend it a sophisticated Gallic charm.

''Mouch Touch'' is more enticing still, with its ambient tones the catalyst for a dark, deep and dexterous saunter down a path that's brimming with sweaty hues and hidden facets aplenty. Melancholic (yet with enough bite to draw listeners to the floor), it's the sort of multifaceted track that wonderfully plays on an array of emotions, keeping them firmly in check throughout thanks to its many unpredictable wares.

Culminating matters is ''Chunkafunk'', with its twinkling, beguiling melodies and its almost celestial vibes proving a perfect foil to matters elsewhere. Every bit as fresh and exciting as anything else in the contemporary house realm, this is truly exceptional stuff. Hats off to the Lazare Hoche boys for bringing this one back to life again.

Artist: Nimbus Quartet
Title: Later Lover EP
Label: Lazare Hoche Records

TracklistLater LoverMouch TouchChunkafunk

Our rating: 8.5/10
Nimbus Quartet


Martin Buttrich
Lauren Lo Sung
Erick Morillo