Tim Green Presents Disc Over Music

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 21/11/13 7:05

Tim Green Presents Disc Over MusicTim Green has long been considered one of the most precocious talents to emerge from the UK's house and techno scene over the past few years. His intricately detailed productions and his cleverly woven sets have endeared him to many, and it comes as no surprise then that he's graced some of the most renowned labels in the game, with the likes of Cocoon, Circus, Get Physical and Trapez all playing host to his music.

2014, however, sees him add a further string to his bow courtesy of his new label, Disc Over Music, an imprint that recently gave us the fantastic Just People/Monomania EP from the man himself. With so much going on right now, we though it high time we caught up with a producer for whom 2014 looks set to be a very big year indeed...

Tell us about new Imprint - Disc Over Music, what was your idea behind the name?
Disc Over Music is my first ever label. I was hesitant in the past to start a label as there are so many good ones already out there. But recently I have been getting a lot of unsigned amazing music that I really love from close friends. Some friends who have never released before even. The music was fitting so perfectly into my DJ sets and is representing my taste in music so well. So I really wanted to release it for myself. The label is mainly going to give myself and others a solid platform to release new and interesting electronic music on. It's aimed to be an extension to whatever sound or style that I am into, as an added reflection on my current tastes in music.

The name has several meanings and references. Firstly I wanted to have a double barrel name (Disc Over) for the label from the beginning, that could be joined together to make one word (Discover). In its correct form within the logo (as Disc Over) you'll see how the word 'over' is upside down. I always wanted this kind of idea also so that when the vinyl is spinning, you can always read the logo / name no matter which way you are looking.

You have your first release out - with Timo Mass and My Favourite Robot. Tell us about the track and remixes?
Yeah the main track Just People is a really old track actually. About 2 years old now. It was going to come out on various different labels in the past, but circumstances always changed and it never saw the light of day.

I'm really happy now I finally get to release it on my own label as the first release. I literally play the Just People track every set for the last 2 years haha. It felt like it finally had the right home.

Then to top it off I really wanted to get some friends in and some great names to remix the 2 tracks! So was really honoured when all the guys was up for doing the remixes.

Where would you like to see the track played the most?
In H&M! Any high street clothes shop is the goal! Haha!

Without sounding rude, you have been around and producing for a while now. What pushed you over the line in terms of starting your own label?
Yeah like I said before the great music I am being sent was one thing. Again also, it's another channel or way for me to get music out there for people to check out.

It's basically the main drive for me when DJing, doing charts, releasing music etc... to be diverse, find music that hopefully people will really like and not heard before.

Tell us about the formats you will be releasing on? And where can we pick up a copy?
Every release will be available on vinyl and digital formats! Go to Juno Records for the Vinyl and Beatport for the digital...

You also have some personal EPs and remixes out on Cocoon and Disc over Music. Can you shed some light on these for me?
Yeah, the Cocoon tracks are 2 recent tracks that I have finished! One called 'Don't Like Me' which has a rude baseline to it and catchy vocal hook. The other is a super trippy techno track called Humming Syrup. Its a really interesting couple of tracks here. I am really happy with both tracks, they are quite different from each other too.

Gig wise, we see you back in London for the Egg this month, what can we expect from the show?
I would have been in the studio for 2 weeks prior to this gig. So will have a lot of new material to try out!!

What are your favourite tracks out right now?
One of my favourite tracks out right now is the track Micramour (Tuccillo Remix) by Mihai Popoviciu & Toygun on Bondage-Music. I've been playing this track so often. Great release, great vibe! Tuccillo is great!

Tim Green Plays at Egg London on November 24th and releases his new EP on Cocoon in December

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