Denis A presents: Hypnoteric, 23.11.13 @ Monasterio - Review

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 29/11/13 9:28

Denis A presents: Hypnoteric - 23rd November @ Monasterio, Moscow - Party Review
Moscow has its right to be proud of several of its clubs, promoters and usually cool line-ups, but if there is anything the city lacks this will be 1) powerful party brands 2) clubs you can hit any weekend without even knowing what’s going on and who is playing – and still get the time of your life.

If there is anyone capable of creating a powerful party brand in Russia, it should be Denis A: DJ, producer, promoter, label owner and last, but not least efficient manager surrounded by a professional team. Recently he has been appointed music director for Space Moscow – the outpost of the legendary Ibiza institution is set to open on December 14, but we are afraid we might miss this opening because of Tiesto as the headliner.

On November 23 we headed to Monasterio to check the new Hypnoteric party by Denis A soundtracked by Jon Rundell, Guy J, Sergey Nikitin, Dao Dar, Ivan, Dsane and Denis himself. Hypnoteric is a symbiosis of two words, hypno+esoteric – the full description of this concept touches upon “the processes that happen in the Universe and are synchronically reflected in the depth of a human soul” and is definitely not for the faint-hearted. The music is supposed to be something between techno, dark progressive and far beyond.

Entering the club at 2am we were thrilled to hear this very new blend of sound… but found ourselves at a purest techno party. Both rooms, the Sanctuary and the Chamber, were throbbing to the pulse of the one and only style that is conceivable within these walls. Being a highly charismatic, raw and somber place, Monasterio imposes its vibrations and its sound on any artist who is booked here.

So we were looking for the first missing element of Moscow nightlife, a new strong party brand, but came across the second – this very wonderful place whose own vibe and character make you feel at home almost regardless of the night.

Demonstrating a subtlest understanding of this peculiarity, Denis A absolutely hit the nail on the head by stating in an interview that the line-ups of the next Hypnoteric events might not be revealed in advance. People will get to know who was playing only post factum: they should come for the sake of the atmosphere, not chasing the headliner. Such an approach sounds a bit risky for Moscow, but judging by last Saturday it has enough potential to work well.

As for the mysterious and profound hypnoteric sound, the best way to assess it will be to listen to Denis A himself – by the way, he is releasing an album in January 2014. He also promises to bring the Hypnoteric concept to Ibiza, although no details are revealed yet. As for Space Moscow, we believe that such a music director will make the most of the venue.

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