Ruede Hagelstein - Native Aliens EP on Souvenir Music

Words by: Dave Jenkins
Posted: 17/12/13 8:15

Ruede Hagelstein’s relationship with Souvenir should be compared to that of a pair of old lovers. Complementing each other’s behaviour in every aspect of their role, Ruede’s output has morphed, mutated and developed with the same intricate nuances as Souvenir’s remit. Just as his 2008 label debut “Modest Theme” mirrored the post minimal clicks and whirrs, this space-gazing EP reflects the softer, more progressive charms of the current creative displays by the Tiefschwarz imprint. This intimacy has been evident on every release throughout the five years that have passed, most notably on his 2011 album Soft Pack.

Like his recent Watergate mix, there’s a strong theme presented throughout. Paying homage to the furthest realms of the sonic cosmos, each of the three tracks takes place in deep space. Galavanting the galaxy with due detail, across the journey we enjoy a smooth take off, a bold intergalactic adventure and a climactic meeting of a close kind.

Big Bang” plays the able role of the rocket launch. Not living up to its name in any way whatsoever, there’s no big bang at all. Consider it more of a soft, smooth uplift. Elevating further and further into the ether, it builds with progressive delicacy, humming the same arpeggiated riff with added elements on each bar. Arresting and captivating, it sets the scene for what follows.

The Landing” places us on a misty planet. The environment is at once familiar yet foreign. Tyrant style bass textures establish the foundation as atmospheric pads envelop us in a foggy funk. Suddenly, an alarming vocal greets us. Instantly conjuring up Kraftwerkian connotations, the lyrical dedication to aliens is delivered with purring, alluring sing-along style. Referencing 40 years of electronic music with tongue-in-cheek charm, it’s the most pleasant outer-planetary experience you’ll hear all season.

Finally we get to meet this new space-aged species on “Native Aliens”. The encounter appears a little jarring from the off as dischordant breezes wheeze, moan and cry over a crisp synth bassline. Drama develops throughout as the strapping groove and processed FX both dynamically build. A silence ensues as our alien associates offer bellowing bass messages of peace. Unity is then compounded by a final salvo of elements, tying up the disparate elements of the track with the universally unifying glue of organ blasts.

A unique meeting with aliens and a majestically conjured trio of tracks, there’s still heaps of sonic romance left between Ruede Hagelstein and Souvenir. Check this out? You’d be Ruede not to.

Artist: Ruede Hagelstein
Title: Native Aliens EP
Label: Souvenir Music

TracklistBig BangThe LandingNative Aliens

Our rating: 8/10
Ruede Hagelstein


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