Madrid Music Days - 10th to 11th December - Review

Words by: Lena Kochetkova
Posted: 17/12/13 9:38

Madrid Music Days took place for the first time ever on December 10-11 2013 - Review
The undisputed clubbing core of Spain is Ibiza. The dream city of creative youngsters and the home of Sonar festival is Barcelona. What could be left for the capital then, music-wise? Madrid might not be regarded as the country’s primary clubbing hotspot, yet its nightlife is eventful and diverse, and many industry professionals have chosen the city as their place of residency. To solidify the capital’s status as a stronghold of the electronic scene, Madrid Music Days took place for the first time ever on December 10-11.

Unlike the International Music Summit in Ibiza that is devoted to global industry issues, MMD is tailored to meet the needs of the local community. The conference consisted of several panels, all of which were held in Spanish: Music Business, Secret Societies, Today, Communication, Digital, Music and Design. Only one of them, Today, happened in the form of a debate, while the others consisted of brief presentations of ideas and projects. A broad spectrum of topics was discussed: from the role of artist’s manager to the benefits of crowdfunding, from growing a successful record label to the lack of political support of the industry.

It was reasonably noted that Madrid is famous for three reasons: Real Madrid, El Prado and the notorious Madrid night. However, instead of promoting this very night as a major tourist attraction and as a brand in itself, the Council and the Government go on introducing new restrictions and impediments: smoking inside a club is prohibited, selling alcohol to minors might very soon lead to a fine of 900 000 euros, and the 21% IVA has made over 4000 nightlife venues close their doors for good. To establish dialogue with the authorities might be the most urgent present-day problem that can be solved only via networking.

During the panels it was emphasized time and again that electronic music is a cultural thing and should be treated as art. We’d like to note though that the connection between house and nightlife with all its temptations is intrinsic and can’t be denied. Electronic music may be listened to at family-friendly daytime events as well – in theory. In practice the conference was proceeded by Vicious Music Awards founded by Vicious magazine. The name speaks loud for itself: willy-nilly the vice is very much there. Why should we deny it, if this is the very reason why clubbing is so irresistibly attractive: it’s where culture and vice go hand in hand? One-sided approach wouldn’t work.

For a debut MMD was very well organized, except maybe for the lack of badges among both the speakers and the participants – since one of the announced goals of the project is “to enhance the communication”, personal identification cards would be a great boost next time.

Madrid Music Days 2014 will take place very soon, on May 7-10. Obviously the programme of the conference will expand and more experts will be involved. Hopefully, MMD will enable Spanish electronic community not only to detect the most vital problems but also efficiently solve them.

Madrid Music Days 2014 will take place very soon, on May 7-10. 

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