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Words by: Henry McGraw
Posted: 19/12/13 9:03

D3 Elements is a new label straight out of Paris, France. Mind you, such is the depth of nuanced, classy sounds that courses through their debut release, that it might as well be a reissue of a 1989 classic. Which isn't of course, to say that this is the sort of 'revivalist' fare that shamelessly rips off every last track from Kerri Chandler's back catalogue. On the contrary, the Remember When EP is a package that moves at its own pace and has its own agenda. And whatever way we look at it, it's a stunning package made for the ages.

The main man in charge of the tunes, then, is Raymond Funnye AKA Strong Souls. Unsurprisingly, he's a man of considerable pedigree too, having represented labels such as Dance Mania and the UK-based Black Market, where he worked with none other than Larry 'Mr Fingers' Heard himself. Back to the music at hand, and the EP truly is a veritable array of gems.

First up is ''The Beast'', a forceful, muscular deep house workout that wastes absolutely no time in making an impression, thanks mainly to its many whimsical, almost celestial pads and its drama infused bassline.

It's expert stuff, and it's even surpassed by ''Remember When'', a meandering slice of authentic house fare that glides at a sun-kissed pace. The cascading drums play a pertinent role, but it's the glistening chords that bring it to a higher, melancholic plane.

''Don't You Know'' culminates matters. An almost introspective listen, it's the most emotional and waif-like of all the tracks here, with its many refined facets the perfect accompaniment to what is an altogether exceptional EP.

Artist: Strong Souls
Title: Remember When EP
Label: D3 Elements

TracklistThe BeastRemember WhenDon't You Know

Our rating: 8/10
Strong Souls


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