Click I Click: Groovy, Catchy And Not Too Serious

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 15/1/14 8:26

Click I Click German producer Click I Click has had quite the year. Aside from starting a new label, Palms & Flamingos, he's also plied his trade in gigs as far afield as Shanghai and Sao Paulo, and to top it all off, he made his debut for one of house music's most renowned labels, Green Velvet's Cajual Records. The EP in question was Girls Girls Girls, an uptempo two-tracker produced in tandem with Brazilian DJ/producer DJ Glen.

That said, the Click I Click story is far from a recent one, with Christoph also tasting previous success thanks to his other production guide, Kassette Boys. Quite how he plans to topple 2013 we're not so sure, although it's prove another thrilling journey to the depths of house music for discerning fans of the genre. We pulled up a chair with the main man to find out more...

What's been your proudest moment of the last few months?
Nearly every release is a highlight for me, but there are two very important releases I have to mention. My first release on my own new label, Palms & Flamingos, ''Welcome to Utopia'' is one. It includes my track 'Ducks In The Kiddie Pool' which got a lot of positive feedback and huge support. Many big names like Jamie Jones, M.A.N.D.Y., DJ T., Droog, Richy Ahmed, Booka Shade, Amine Edge & DANCE played and supported it. I think this release definitely opened some 'new' doors for me.

Another huge thing was my release together with DJ Glen on Cajmere/Green Velvet´s imprint Cajual Records. It´s obviously a great honor for me to be part of this amazing label from Chicago.

I gather you've been producing for a while now. Where do you think you're at in terms of where you want to be? Are you totally comfortable with your sound and confident when making new music? Or are you always looking for new ways to improve?
Yes I´m producing for a few years now but with each production I´m learning more and more. My older productions sound completely different to the productions I did one year ago and they sound different to my current productions. It´s always a process in what you're doing. I think it´s very important to be open minded to something new. But it´s also very important to create your own sound, which makes you and your tracks unique. The people should know that this is my production while listening.  In the beginning of next year I´ll rebuild my studio and hope to get even better sounding results. Right now my room has weak points in the frequency spectrum which makes a good mixdown sometimes quite difficult.

You mentioned the Cajual release with DJ Glen. How did that one come about? How did you find working with him? Did you immediately know that you'd work well together?
Glen and I produced these two tracks during my last Brazil-tour in September. He's a really, really good friend of mine. I always stay at his house for a few days when I´m in Brazil and it was a nice experience to work with him. Yes, we work very well together and it won´t be the last EP we produce together.

Did you feel a sense of pressure to working with Cajual? Or did you finish the tracks first and then send them to Curtis?
First I finished some new stuff and then I send it to Cajual. Let´s see what will happen in the near future. There are a few things I´m working on right now. I hope Curtis like them as well!

What was your reaction to him telling you that he'd like to sign the records?
I´m a big fan of Cajmere his label Cajual so I was really happy, excited and proud about that.

Why do you feel Cajual was the best place for the Girls Girls Girls EP then?
I think both tunes have that Cajual vibe – it's house, but it's not too overloaded with sounds. It's also groovy, catchy and not too serious, which gives the people a good feeling while listening and makes them smiling on the dancefloor.

I noticed there's a Seth Troxler vocal in there from his infamous Miami interview. Whose idea was it to use that? Has Seth heard the track yet do you know?
Hahaha, yes… We watched the interview straight before we started to produce and laughed a lot about it. It´s so cool. Then we thought, let´s use this phrase in this track. That's what I said. It's nothing too serious but it gets people smiling. To be honest, I don´t know if he's already listened to the tune, but I´m pretty sure somebody already showed him.

You were also part of the Kassette Boys for a period. Do you prefer working in twos?
I definitely like to work with some friends. It´s always a good experience and another step in the process of learning, because everybody has a different way of producing. I can´t say which I prefer. In the last few weeks/months I also did some collaborations my close friends Niko Schwind and Jan Ketel.

What happened the Kassette Boys by the way? And are you still running the label?
Actually, Ferri and I just finished a new Kassette Boys track a few weeks ago. It´ll be released on friends new vinyl only label in the beginning of next year.  And after a short break, due to some familiar changes, we also want to push our label Kassette Records again. The next releases will be from the young Brazilian producer Volkoder and from Marcel Freigeist from Berlin. Also, another Kassette Boys EP is planned for the beginning of the next year.

What's on your agenda over the next while?
Some releases and remixes for labels like Smoke N' Mirrors, Palms & Flamingos, Katermukke and Concorde Club are all scheduled before February. I´ll also play a few shows in the next months, like BPM-Festival, Watergate and more..

And can 2014 possibly topple 2013 for you?
I´ll definitely try to do my best!!

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