Mathew Jonson - Blurry Remixes EP on Crosstown Rebels

Words by: Peter Adkins
Posted: 20/12/13 7:10

When techno virtuoso Mathew Jonson’s second album, Her Blurry Pictures, came out in June it failed to make the impact that you might have expected it to. It wasn’t so much that Her Blurry Pictures was a bad album. It was just surprisingly average. Aside from one or two tracks that exhibited Jonson’s ability to craft taut yet playful dance-music, the record sounded surprisingly flat and, dare we say, uninspired.

As such, it’s refreshing to find that this first round of remixes from the album are brimming with the originality and liveliness that felt lacking on the album.

Dixon’s take on Level 7 not only takes top spot on the EP, but looks primed to become a serious hit. The Innvervisions boss’ smoothens out the roughened edges of the original with one of his trademark deep-as-fuck basslines and cascading, yet restrained use of chords. By the time the drop comes in at the four-minute mark, you know you’re listening to a masterclass in the kind of credible, main room house music that the guys from Innervisions built their reputation on. Don’t be surprised if you’re hearing this everywhere by Christmas.

Any concerns that Dixon’s remix will overshadow the rest of the EP are quickly nullified by the ever-dependable Italian duo Tale Of Us’ edit of Kissing Your Eyes. The low-slung, tribal original is transformed into seven minutes of streamlined yet soulful house music. A taut bassline and crashing, live-sounding drums complement a hypnotically forlorn melody that heightens and builds as the tracks progresses. Memorable, original and emotive without resorting to quick-tricks or gimmicky, it’s another outstanding remix.

Finally, whilst Akufen’s remix of Body In Motion isn’t as quite as essential as the others, it too creates a competent dance-floor number from Jonson’s raw material. Keeping the haunted-sounding rhythmic core and tribal drums of the original, the French-Canadian’s turn is a micro-house outing that begins all moody minimal percussion, before unexpectedly blossoming with jazzy chords in its closing minutes. Whilst the track doesn’t quite realise its lofty ambitions, it’s a decent enough concluding chapter in an otherwise fantastic package.

Artist: Mathew Jonson
Title: Blurry Remixes EP
Label: Crosstown Rebels

TracklistLevel 7 (Dixon Remix)Kissing Your Eyes (Tale Of Us Remix)Body In Motion (Akufen Remix)

Our rating: 9/10
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