Paul C & Pablo Martini: Everything from deep to techno...

Words by: Ralph Turner
Posted: 22/1/14 8:04

Paul C & Pablo Martini: Everything from deep to techno... With a combined career that spans 40 years in the business, Italian producersPaolo Martini & Paul C have been, seen and done it all. Since 2009 the pair have worked tirelessly in the studio and not only seen their music supported by many of the industry’s biggest names, but also seen their work feature on labels including Area Remote, Terminal M, 100% Pure, AMA Recordings, Great Stuff, Kiara Records and of course Paul’s Boutique.

We caught up with them to find out some back story and more…

How did you guys first meet and where?
Paolo Martini:  Almost 10 years ago I was about to start to run a new label and I got a first demo from Paul... The tracks he sent me has something special so I called him up and he started to produce few tracks for the label. In the meantime we became close friends and starts to make some gigs together as well. Then in 2009, after some years we decide to join forces as a team because we thought that it could be good to put our experiences and musical talents together in studio to create good productions, so we made it.

What made you want to work together? Why does it work?
Paul C: We are not kids anymore but we thought that we still had something to give to the actually musical club scene and this was kind of a big bet for us… Thanks to our experiences in the clubs as a DJ’s and our musical taste we know how to make a track working in the clubs so this is the main reason… Even if things changed completely from the old days...

If you think that 10/15 years ago it was just about the music, makin’ couple of tracks, press 100 test pressing vinyls and the all job was done!  Also at that time there were not many dj/producers around as today so you had more chance to make it.

Now is completely different… First you have to be interesting and earn credibility from the people (which isn’t easy at all with the tons of music produced every day) but that’s not enough...

You have also think about the the promotion, the social networks, soundcloud and everything else (you all know that), as today it seems that numbers and visibility are the main thing, sometimes more than the music you produce and sadly this isn’t good… Anyway we think that our team works because we put a lots of work and passion in what we do.

Paolo Martini: I have a strong Disco/House background while Paul is more on the Techno side,but the mixture most of the time seems to works well. We think we have found a good balance and that's why most of our tracks can be played by many DJs who on paper are very different to one another. For example “Spunk” was played by Carl Cox and Jamie Jones as well!

Who does what, do you each have different skills?
Paolo Martini: It depends... Usually Paul C starts to make some beats and groove by himself and then we build it up the track together, choosing the main elements as the bassline and give a special treatment to the voices (those 2 elements in particular becames kinds of our trademarks) or research sounds and samples…

Everything comes in step by step, it depends also of what mood we wants to give to the track, sometimes comes quickly, sometimes we throw away everything...

And what are some of your musical influences and inspirations?
All the good music of the last 30 years, from Disco to Electronic to House/Techno stuff... Everything that gave us emotions,  that’s what we try to transfer to our tracks and audience in the clubs.

Tell us about the newtrack you have on Hot Creations…
With Hot Creations, after all our releases we’ve done on such respected labels,we made another big step thanks to Jamie Jones. We are very grateful to him (like all the people we are working with) as he's been supporting us from a while as he loves some of our stuff.

We are happy and excited for 'Get This EP' wich is just release... All the 3 tracks of the EP entered in Beatport charts and in particular ‘Get This!’ is still actually in Top 20 Deep House,played as well by many and many DJ’s, that’s great!

And you have one lined-up for Exploited, right? How did that come about?
We had a request from the label to remix their release by “Nils Nuernberg – The morning slap” and we were very excited to made it for them. We have kept the main element of the original and then we re-constructed the track, give it our personal vibe. We’re very satisfied of the result!

And when you DJ what’s your style, do you go B2B?
We use a lots of our stuff wich includes release and unreleased material and some edits , plus of course all the music that that we buy and get sended from all over.  We basically explore everything from deep to techno… Usually we play individually the first part of the set and then we ended up b2b, it depends also of how long our DJ set is.

Italian producers Paolo Martini & Paul CHow much have you been influenced by your local scene in Italy – is there a good one you are a part of?
A lot... When house music exploded in the late 80’ we immediately embrace that sound and we propose it since then... The audience over here was very sensible to that kind of music and Italians are a real party-people.

We were also lucky enough to be resident DJ’s in great clubs in our cities (Martini lives in Verona and Paul C in Rovigo) and in the meanwhile we touring as a guest in Italy and Europe as well.

What else you got coming up/are you excited about?
Well we have another remix of a track by Stephan Hinz coming up on Kling Klong in January and another one later on by Aquarian Dream on Hedonism...

After that a brand new track “The Calling” will be release on Circus Recordings, the well known UK label of Yousef.

We are currently working on 2 brand new EP’s as well that will be release in the next months but we’ll keep you updated about that… You can find all the news and upcoming stuff at our Facebook page

Will you make any New Years Resolutions?
2013 was a very good year for us, so we hope to continue like this! Thanks to everyone for the kind support, we wish a super 2014 to all of you!


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