Klartraum - E1 EP on Lucidflow

Words by: Sean-Michael Yoder
Posted: 18/2/14 8:47

The first of what promises to be a four EP series this year from the popular duo Klartraum misfires a bit out the gate but manages to conjure up a few must-have gems on the remaining tracks

For all the great work that Klartraum has done, “Tiger Ride”, just isn’t it. All of the elements are here – buzzing electro bass line and chugging, low-slung beats – but the energy you’d normally expect on a release like this just isn’t. The track is constantly shifting modes with a dense cluster of sound layering in the hopes of finding that energy but never seems to pull it off.

The kinks get worked out as the pair shifts the focus away from the dance floor into deeper and dubby territory. “Sweetness” sounds almost like a Freerange release minus all of those annoying deep house elements that always seem to get in the way of a good jam. It’s still a bit listless in terms of finding a direction to propel the groove in and sounds amorphous as a result – the polar opposite of the strong but grooveless opener “Tiger Ride”.

Mirage” has an odd-cadence that stretches the musicality of the EP to the level of inspired playing. At nearly eleven minutes, the track develops plenty of twists and turns that exemplify the best of Klartraum’s work to-date – equal parts dreamy and techno with some brains and guts as well.

The pitched down dub style of “Shy Guy” is more trip-hop than tech house but still has many of those crucial Klartraum elements, pitched way down – zippy bass line, tech-house pads, and dreamy melodies that are easy to get carried away by. Nadja Lind has also shown a great affinity for guitar workouts in both her solo work and collaborative material with Klartraum. It’s always tasteful and unique despite the fear of the shame and humiliation of not being able to pull it off always hanging over her head.

On the Cinematic Tiger version of “Tiger Ride”, we get a little more melody and a little brighter and punchier take on the bass line. The remix has more command of the dance floor by feeling less tentative but it’s still missing that key element or musical hook that would make it stand out from the crowd.

Artist: Klartraum
Title: E1 EP
Label: Lucidflow

Tracklist Tiger Ride (Club Mix)SweetnessMirageShy GuyTiger Ride (Cinematic Ride)

Our rating: 7/10


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