Night Plane - World Turning EP on CCC (US)

Words by: Dave Jenkins
Posted: 30/1/14 8:17

Often found floating on the same clouds as Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb and Art DepartmentNew York-based Texan Night Plane is developing quite the pedigree for emotive, reflective house music. Back in the day you’d call him progressive (especially with the support he’s had from Sasha over recent years), right now I’m hearing the term dream house. Whatever… bottom line, it’s just beautiful music.

Especially “World Turning”. Coming on strong like Deep Dish at their most subtle, early GusGus or Underworld at their deepest, it’s a fine fusion the worlds of live and electronic. Night Plane’s strong, impassioned vocals are hooky and memorable, the groove is soft enough for headphones but heavy enough for invested dancefloors and the shimmering guitars add that crucial sense of dreaminess that Night Plane is quickly making his own motif.

More original material can be found further on amid the impressive remixes from Waifs & Strays, Cameo Culture and Wolf + Lamb… Slo-mo, sexy and purring with slinky FX and more shimmering guitar trembles, the stripped back “Anna In Wonderland” is a chance for Night Plane to slip into something more comfortable. A slinky cosmic disco negligee, if you will, it leaves heaps up to the imagination before revealing a cheeky little Balearic nipple when the bassline and full-bodied groove drop with just one minute to spare.

Black Magic” meanwhile takes the organic behaviour to a whole new level. Conjuring feelings of New Order, Spiritualized at their prime, Ninja Tune’s Sateless or 2020 Soundsystem cohorts Silver City, the vocal-led track sparkles with the perfect amount of pop charm. Understated, sparkly and coated in emotion, even though this is a digital-only addition to the release, it’s potentially the most arresting and most revealing of Night Plane’s future potential. Hearing tracks like this make you wonder when an album’s going to land and hoping it’s sooner rather than later.

Artist: Night Plane
Title: World Turning EP
Label: CCC (US)

World Turning World Turning (Waifs & Strays Remix)
Black Magic (Cameo Culture Remix)
Anna in Wonderland
Black Magic
World Turning (Wolf & Lamb Remix) 

Our rating: 8/10
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