Prompt - Lemma (Album sampler) on 7noise

Words by: Henry McGraw
Posted: 2/4/14 10:40

While 7noise advertises itself as a 'Spanish minimal techno label', that description might be somewhat far of the mark where their latest output is concerned.

The EP in question comes to us thanks to Prompt, a man whose name you may have noted before thanks to his work on other esteemed labels a la Souvenir and Soma.

Lemma is a uncompromising three-tracker that plays to the producer's strengths, as he gives us a fascinating snapshot of his new album in no uncertain terms.

Opener ''White'' is a nimble, twinkle-toed piece of tech-house goodness that, suitably, is coated in a discerning class and is primed for the live set. With trumpets, chords and basslines all jostling for position, it's nothing if not an eclectic number too. This one is sure to ignite the dancefloor.

''We're'', meanwhile, takes less risks but is a sterling groover at the same time, while ''Losing'' shows us a less direct and off-kilter side of Prompt.

A cheeky, playful release that leaves a marked impression on the senses, it also leaves us yearning for more. It's a good job, then, that the album is on its way...



Artist: Prompt
Title: Lemma (Album sampler)
Label: 7noise

TracklistPrompt Live Band - White (Prompt Live Mix)We're (Prompt Live Mix)Losing (Prompt Live Mix)

Our rating: 7.5/10


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