Andre Butano & Demian Muller - Alborabora EP on Novotek

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 8/5/14 7:46

The fifth instalment of Novotek’s Raw Series is an uncompromising assault of deep, tech house with a keen eye trained on the party season. The Chile based imprint is currently on a rich vein of form and this EP feels like a true celebration of everything that the label is getting so spot on at the minute.

Chilean producers Andre Butano & Demian Mullergets things going with “Alborabora” a lusciously deep and hypnotic workout that perfectly sets the tone for the whole EP. Rounded kick drums inject the rhythm as a bouncing bassline provides the intoxicating hook. Snapping hi-hats bring pace as the track gathers momentum that is only enhanced by the use of classic sounding synth stabs. The atmosphere is layered and textured, given extra sheen by the soulful vocals that come in and start to lead track forward. It is energetic, but the pair keep a lid on the things for now, highlighting their ease with working with one another yet again.

Martinez’s remix of “Alborabora” is altogether fiercer tan the original. The Danish based producer keeps the winding groove and smooth synths, the bottom end has more crunch and the beats themselves are tougher and more pounding. It is a masterclass in the subtleties of remixing, adding a new personality to an original with flair and creativeness.

Andre Butano & Demian Muller head down a different route with the old school-tinged “Lexicon.” A deep groove with plenty of swing provides the backbone of the track before a wildly tumbling bassline swoops in and takes the driving seat. It has the sort of afterparty vibe that will keep the floor on the feet for hours on end. Lex & Mate_U provide the rework with their expertly crafted tech workout. Thick slabs of bass flow along the bottom end, giving the track a subterranean feel that is highly immersive.

Artist: Andre Butano & Demian Muller
Title: Alborabora EP
Label: Novotek

TracklistAlborabora (Original Mix)Alborabora (Martinez Remix)Lexicon (Original Mix)Lexicon (Leix & Mate_U Remix )

Our rating: 7.5
Andre Butano & Demian Muller


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