Mark Fanciulli: Working Across The Board

Words by: Tom Jones
Posted: 2/6/14 12:25

Mark Fanciulli: Working Across The BoardMark Fanciulli’s reputation as a producer has grown, rather understandably, with speed and sharpness. Ever since his debut track, the unmistakable “The Tide” his ability to make records that cross various styles and genres has positioned him as a producer that is capable of flexing his creative muscles in any direction possible. That flexibility and dexterity will be on ample display over the coming months, a period which will see a flurry of quality releases from Mark.

Starting with a brand new EP for Carl Craig’s Planet E, the Maidstone based producer will also go on to drop records for Dennis Ferrer’s Objektivity and New York’s InMotion. The fact that this intense period of releases comes immediately after his mixed the excellent Saved 100 compilation proves just how on fire this man is right now.

The creative fires are well and truly fuelled for Mark Fanciulli right now so I Voice spoke to him to find out about his musical influences, his genre-defying attitude and his plans for the 2014 Ibiza season.

As a producer, you are able to make tracks across the board. Why is it, do you think, that your releases are so sonically varied?
From a young age there was a lot of music being played in our house, from each member of the family and perhaps that was what created a more varied approach in my tastes. It developed me into being a person who can't always listen to or play or even create one particular style. Sure, I only work with electronic music, but I like to expand across that horizon as much as possible. When I'm just listening in the car it'll be other genres like hip-hop, rock and talk radio.

Do you think your studying of sound engineering has enabled you to work across different genres more than if you had just taught yourself?
I think so; It's definitely opened my mind up and got the creative juices flowing more. When I was at college I would be in class with kids into dance and rock music etc. When you get more exposed to others tastes it definitely gets you thinking outside of the box more and stuff. I remember one band we recorded and they were really good and some of the tracks got you thinking creatively or influencing you in certain ways. I had a big clear out the other day and found some of the recordings we did which our lecturer was pleased with, I think they were called Forty Store; this was like 7-8 years ago.

Would you recommend official sound courses to aspiring producers? Why / why not?
I would definitely recommend them as long as the course was run well. Always check the institution and if possible speak to kids who have been there. Also remember, like many things in life, you can learn just as much off the course as you do in it. I have always been lucky having a person close to me with a life in the industry. This meant hanging around and watching people in studios across the country working and picking things up you wouldn't in a classroom. With certain tasks there might always be more than one way to do it.

What music did you listen to whilst growing up? How has that influenced the way you make music today?
From a young age I would listen to all the things that were being played by my family in my house.  Our parents are very much into their music including dance music however, they would also be playing a lot of disco and 80s music. When I was a teenager and really got into dance music I started recording the Essential Mixes on cassette and then re-record over them with new ones again and again. 
Some of my favourites included those by the Stanton Warriors. All of this exposure it gave me a varied approach when it came to production.  

How has your music taste evolved since you started making music professionally?
It has stayed in the same region but I'm exploring deeper into the genres looking more at the history and finding rare gems through scouring the web and also gaining influence from them. I enjoy listening to old house tracks or Detroit techno records that may only have a few hits on youtube and appreciating the timeless and forward thinking quality they possess. It makes me imagine what impact those records would of had when they were originally pressed up.

Being a part of Carl's label, one, which is so significant to the industry and has a rich, long history is a dream come true... Were you pleased with the reaction to your mix for the special Saved 100 release? Do you think it reflected the way you DJ in clubs?
Yes I was definitely pleased. It brought a new product to the people that know me and introduced me to an even wider fan base. It promoted me as a DJ and showed people a reflection of what I play in the clubs.

How did your new EP for Planet E come about? How did you end up with that particular sound?
The tracks were originally worked on in summer 2013. I went in with the mindset of working on some tracks, which have a bit more of a punchy and techy vibe.  "Chord Chaoss" was the punchier one and "Helsinki" was techier.  I remember getting an email at first from Monty at Planet E asking me if they were available and I was so excited that they were interested in them. "Helskinki" was a much longer in its original form and we edited it down significantly to make it more straight up. Being a part of Carl's label, one, which is so significant to the industry and has a rich, long history is a dream come true.

Interview with Mark FanciulliYour Planet E release kick starts a prolific period for you record-wise. Was all the music made at a similar time? If so, what was the catalyst for the explosion of creativity?
When trying to be creative it can be a very love/hate affair. An hour or even just 10 minutes of a day may be productive and then you hit a wall. Combine this with trying to be a perfectionist and your output is very limited. However the tracks that I have coming over the next 6 months were made in the last half of 2013.

I was fortunate enough to have a very productive run and hope to be able to continue that. Most DJs as we all know get booked on production that has succeeded in the charts and I want that product to succeed so I can be privileged enough to travel and visit clubs. They are all varied and all have great homes and I still have more to be signed.

How important for you is it to choose the right label, the right home for your music? What helps you decide?
There are many points that I look at and also, that I think anyone should look at when signing a track to a label. For example, do the tracks fit the sound of the label?

Also, the Quality of care. Have the label been established long enough and / or have the capacity to ensure that all is done right with the product. Will it be promoted properly and mastered by an experienced engineer. A track takes a long time to complete and the delivery needs to be 100%.

 La Familia at UshuaiaHave you had any thoughts about a debut artist album yet?
I get asked this question a lot and it is definitely not something that I want to do right now. The thing with artist albums is that they aren't as valued as much as when I bought them 10-15 years ago. Of course there's a big presence and stuff if it is promoted right but If I had 12 new tracks I would prefer to release them as several EPs. I think that less music would get missed that way. The only time I can really see myself doing one at the moment is in say 10-15 years (if I last that long) but you never know, my mind might change or something. Until them I am sticking to just EP releases, as I am happy with that.

What are you plans for this summer’s Ibiza season?
I’m really excited about this season. It's going to be another busy one.  I’ll be making appearances for Defected and La Familia at Ushuaia, amongst others. I’m really looking forward to all of them and hope to see you there! It’s going to be a great summer on the island again.

Do you get to spend much downtime on the island between gigs? Where are you favourite places to hang out?
I've been going to Ibiza more than a decade now and my favourite overall location to hang out is Talamaca. The reason why I like it so much is because it has everything I need. It is close to everything but far away enough for some peace and quiet, it has a great beach, loads of hotels nearby and a nice range of restaurants. It’s my preferred location to stay when I'm out there. If I'm venturing out of the area I always enjoy going to see the sunset at Mambo and also going for food at Amante or Atzaro. Even the drive between all this is just great, diving along with the windows down enjoying a hot climate. The worst part is having to pack and leave.

Do you have a hidden gem that most people don’t know about in Ibiza? A restaurant, a beach etc etc.
I don't think I have something that not everyone else wouldn't know of but if I had to pick a real gem it would be Amante Beach club. It has great food and drinks and also a spectacular view.

Catch Mark Fanciulli At Saved VS Rejected @ Off Sonar
L’Atlantida Beach Club, Barcelona
23:00 - 06:00 - 11th June 2014
Catch Mark Fanciulli At Saved VS Rejected @ Off Sonar

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