John Swing - Dusty Dancing EP on Relative

Words by: Paul Corey
Posted: 2/6/14 8:04

The title, ‘Dusty Dancing’ is apt, and may or may not have been inspired by the write up which accompanied his Resident Advisor podcast a little over a year ago. However, where there’s muck there’s brass and John Swing’s knack is in unearthing the sweet smell of nostalgia and discotheques long gone by, which is what this quartet of thinking man’s beats evoke.

Often mentioned with his peers The Analogue Cops, with whom he works as Appointment, Mr Swing seems to have harnessed the house music zeitgeist as well as anyone else, but the truth is that this strand of dance music mayhem has always been around, typified by no one nowhere better nowadays than Soundstream, who’s been at it, albeit intermittently, since the turn of the century.

However, this in no way devalues it or subtracts from its originality, the four tracks here thrive in a pervasive vitality, the type of which can only be conjured up by a zealot.

Listening to this EP rather passively, it was striking to feel that I was in the presence of an elongated, gritty disco fun fest, the overall tone of optimism and enjoyment coming to an abrupt halt with ‘Raw Twist’, a lumbering, comparatively sluggish beast, lacking the bounce of the other three tracks but of similar power.

In ‘Dirty Disco’, ‘Re-Funked’ and ‘Madman Groove’ the pleasure is generally to be found in the percussion, which occasionally feels like it is being pushed down a flight of stairs, as well as the basslines that together with the other constituent elements coalesce to create a collection of studiously raw and jacking grooves, the likes of which ooze soul and, in spite of their production, feel funky fresh.

Artist:  John Swing
Title: Dusty Dancing EP
Label: Relative

TracklistDirty DiscoRe FunkedMadman GrooveRaw Twist

Our rating: 7/10
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