Dance Spirit - Insight EP on Supernature

Words by: Angus Thomas Paterson
Posted: 21/7/14 8:23

Dance Spirit are a US production duo who’ve been building their profile nicely this year, and their latest release for Supernature taps into a trend that’s very much blossoming in 2014 – the return of a more direct use of melody to underground house and techno. Taking things a step (or two) further than what you’d hear in melodic techno, we’re hearing records that are channeling the euphoric spirit of 2000-era progressive house… or even trance. And judging by the quality of Dance Spirit’s Insight EP, it’s a welcome and exciting development indeed.

The title track Insight is a great example of the tension that can be found in the space between the deeper, and more melodic elements. Initially a rather deceptive record, it begins with several minutes of tribal percussion that builds in waves over its stripped-back beats, definitely establishing more of a tech house vibe. That is, before its gorgeous melody simmers into the latter part of the track, blossoming gradually into what’s very nearly a fullblown trance harmony. It’s a gorgeous combination of the elements, and the execution is perfection.

Late Night Rituals is again rather deceptive initially, kicking off as a low-slung offering that’s residing deep in the K-hole, with some impressive attention again given to the percussion. That is, before those melodies start to creep in again. This time though, Dance Spirit keep things a little darker, with the grimy groove elements keeping a heavy hold on the track.

Meanwhile, Late Night Early Mornings takes a more restrained approach, while still drawing on the same elements. Fred P and Bedouin turn in some lovely remixes, though the Dance Spirit originals are where it’s at. They’re a great example of the creative possibilities inherent in meshing different aesthetics, and records like these will be a breath of fresh air for anyone who might feel burnt out from years of functional tech house. A sign of more good music to come for 2014.

Artist: Dance Spirit
Title: Insight EP
Label: Supernature

TracklistInsightLate Night RitualLate Night Early MorningsInsight - Fred P Reshape Insight - Fred P Reshape DubLate Night Early Mornings - Bedouin Remix

Our rating: 8.5/10
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