Various Artists - Nutek Ibiza Vol 3 EP on Nutek

Words by: Angus Thomas Paterson
Posted: 17/7/14 9:03

Nutek Records is an imprint that since 2006 has been associated more with sounds from across the trance spectrum, though its Nutek Ibiza offshoot was established with intention of connecting with the deep, tech and progressive house sounds that can be heard across some of the White Isle’s underground clubs, with a dedicated A&R team operating on the island.

In time for the 2014 season, it’s released its latest showcase EP; which reveals Nutek Ibiza to have a lot more in common with its trance ancestry than it perhaps indicates in its promotional material. ‘Big room’ sounds are the focus, which a mix of house, progressive and trance vibes.

The opener from DKA For My Lost Ones is the strongest offering here, brimming with classic progressive and acid house energies, eschewing a strong groove for instead a slow-burning energy that doesn’t stop building. An acid line meets a string harmony, which is brought to the fore during the breakdown; it’s a great record to facilitate a change of direction in a set.

Meanwhile, Love and Drums from Gee Van D & Ahron Mills is situated more in the realm of progressive trance; an effective and driving record, there’s a tough bassline at its core that functions as a good foil to the melodic elements. The remaining two tracks from Opku and Axess D are a little weaker though; sounding very much like one of the more big room offerings from Toolroom Records that weren’t quite good enough to make the release schedule.

Nutek Ibiza is a label suffering somewhat from an identity crisis; emerging from the roots of a trance imprint, identifying itself as a “tech house  imprint” though with a mixed bag of releases situated more on the upper end of the progressive house spectrum. There’s no reason why a label shouldn’t aspire to being more versatile. However, a cohesive identity is also critical to allow it to cut through the noise.

Various Artists
Title: Nutek Ibiza Vol 3 EP
Label: Nutek

TracklistDKA - For my lost onesAaron Mills and  Gee Van D - Love and DrumsAXESS D  - Keep Rocking (OPKU remix)Opku - Deeply Fantastic

Our rating: 5.5/10
Nutek Ibiza Vol 3 EP


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