11 11 - My Heart EP on R U M O R S

Words by: Henry McGraw
Posted: 23/7/14 10:19

Guy Gerber and Diddy’s (or should that be Puff Daddy's?) latest collaboration might have ruffled a few feathers in the oh-so-strict world that is electronic music, but the obvious question really is, is any of it actually any good?

Well, to give this most unlikely of duos (who collaborate together as 11 11) their dues, it’s actually pretty decent – and far more considered than you might have guessed from a man as brash and loud as Diddy.

That said, there’s still a groove-loaded undercurrent to all that’s going on here, meaning it probably leans more towards Puffy’s camp than it does Gerber’s. Even so, there’s enough going on to tantalize even the most discerning of house heads, as Gerber brings a host of steely industrial sounds as well as a host of progressive pulp to the table.

Much like Diddy’s sometime collaboration with Hell, the NYC rapper can’t help bring his vintage hip-hop drawl to the table, although it does at least help to give the track a muscular beef that was maybe lacking before.

While we don’t expect this one to soundtrack the hood this summer, there’s still more than enough going on in the track that’ll ensure it gets rolled out at nightclubs aplenty.

Artist: 11 11
Title: My Heart  EP
Label: R U M O R S

TracklistMy Heart


Our rating: 7/10
11 11


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