Robert Dietz & Tuccillo - Kushtraxx EP on Holic Trax

Words by: Angus Thomas Paterson
Posted: 21/8/14 12:44
Robert Dietz & Tuccillo - Kushtraxx EP on Holic Trax

Desolat regular Robert Dietz partners with the Ibiza-based Tuccillo here for an EP for the Holic Trax stable, with a focus on quirky tech house cuts that are brave enough to steer things out of strictly ‘functional’ territory. With the EP’s lead record Juice in particular, the two producers enjoy fleshing out a full palate of psychedelic strangeness.

At its core, Juice is still a house track; a fact emphasised by its deep bassline and some straight-up percussion that kicks into a workable groove straight away. From here though, the producers work all the different sounds into a frame that bestow the record with its strange charms. Wonky percussion, distorted vocal samples, and a finally, a pinwheeling acid that rises up to dominate the mix. Strange and exciting.

Elsewhere, we’ve got a few more straightup DJ tools with less of the psychedelic trimmings. We Can't Stop brings things back in a more functional direction; a dash of quirkiness is still intact via a few wonky vocal samples and synths, though it’s plenty more restrained this time. Ishine Unshine falls somewhere between the two other tune’s polarities.

Thrown in as part of the deal are a few cheeky edits from Shonky, one third of Parisian powerhouse Apollonia. However, ‘edits’ is exactly what they are, and you’ll have trouble differentiating them from Dietz and Tuccillo’s originals. Juice is where it’s you’d be advised to direct your attention. Come for the grooves, stay for the psychedelia.

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Our rating: 7.5/10


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