Gardens Of God - Glük EP on Boso

Words by: Angus Thomas Paterson
Posted: 3/9/14 11:50
Gardens Of God - Glük EP on Boso

Boso is the stable started earlier this year by Lithuanian Ten Walls, following his colossal smash ‘Gotham’ last summer on Innervisions; a landmark record that signalled underground house embracing a new anthemic, melodic side, and which dominated the Ibizan summer. Boso launched with the Ten Walls follow-up ‘Walking With Elephants’ in April, and it’s so far been a showcase for fellow Lithuanian artists displaying a similar flair for drama and melody. Its latest EP comes from Gardens of God, following his debut on Maceo Plex’s label Ellum label.

Gardens of God’s resonance with the Ten Walls sound is immediately apparent, with the title track sporting a very Gotham-style bassline, a menacing tone that draws heavily on the dramatic and the grandiose, plus a plodding energy that’s offset with heavy sprinkles of melody throughout. It’s capably done, though perhaps a little too familiar.

Voices From the Past sees Gardens of God again offering a variation on a similar theme; a big focus on the bassline and plenty of atmosphere, with the chime melodies in the breakdown signalling the tune shifting into a more focussed groove for the second half. The final track Fen slows down the pace even more, turning up the atmsophere with some menacing synths and a chuggy percussive drive; again though, it’s ultimately returning to similar territory.

To a degree, it feels that not only is Ten Walls still drawing on the same ideas that were so successful with Gotham; so are the artists on his label, with the tracks here basically riffing on the same ideas. Without a doubt, the Boso artists show a sophisticated flair for studio work, plus a very musical approach to their arrangement, composition and melody. The degree though to which Gardens of God is raking over the same ideas makes it hard to reccomend this EP. That said, there’s enough talent on display here to justify the attention on both Boso and their artists.

Gardens Of God - Glük Ep on Boso  |

Our rating: 6.5/10


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