Oliver Deutschamnn - FINAL EP on Falkplatz

Words by: Angus Thomas Paterson
Posted: 8/9/14 9:13
Oliver Deutschamnn - FINAL EP on Falkplatz

Berlin-based Panorama Bar resident Oliver Deutschmann began his Falkplatz Schallplatten stable alongside his existing Vidab imprint several years ago with a focussed objective; to release 10 records, and then in his own words, shut it down immediately afterwards. “So, it took me 4 years to come to this point and it definitely feels right to do this step. In the meantime I founded a few other labels that are more heads down and where names dont matter that much”. Ten releases and out, and we now have the final offering in the form of the ‘Falkplatz 10’ 3-track EP.

Deutschmann’s distinct approach often puts the focus on the spacey atmospherics, though the direction here points more towards ‘banging’ and ‘loopy’, with techno being the unmistakable aesthic across the EP. A-side ’Michigan Master’ is a steely number that would be better suited to the Berghain mainfloor than the Panorama Bar, its industrial percussion offset by the atmosphperic synths that begin to echo out. If the Detroit influence wasn’t emphasised obviiously enough in the title, we’re reminded by the brash voice sample that repeats the city’s name repeatedly. Rich, full-bodied, pounding atmospheric techno.

There’s similar functional quality of the B-side, where he turns up the dial a little further on the atmospherifc elements. ‘The Blocks Master’ is hypnotic, swirling techno record that’d again be ideal for the Berghain mainfloor, this time for the more psychedelic moments of a weekend adventure. Meanwhile, ‘Tribute Master’ takes things deeper and more psychadelic still.

Rather than a dramatic end to an era, Falkplatz 10 feels more like a convenient bookend as Deutschamnn wraps things up and turns his attention to other projects. While they’re more functional records than landmark moments in his career, the quality is still maintained.

Oliver Deutschamnn - FINAL EP on Falkplatz
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Our rating: 7/10


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