Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli present La Familia

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Nic Fanciulli and Joris Voorn are La Familia

Having exposure in Ibiza is essential for a career of a DJ, launching a new party series on the island is a milestone of paramount importance. Nic Fanciulli and Joris Voorn have long been playing in the premiere league of Ibiza, mostly solo but sometimes also back-to-back, delivering irresistibly danceable sets at such club nights as We Love..., Carl Cox, Cocoon, Insane, ElRow, ANTS, Cadenza Vagabundos, Music On, Space openings and closings…

To launch their own party on the island was only a matter of time, and this time has come. La Familia at Ushuaïa, the joint venture by Fanciulli and Voorn, managed to impress Ibiza circles long before actually celebrating its opening, thanks to the eye-catching mafia-style artwork. According to its floating schedule, the new party first landed on Saturdays, sharing the dancefloor with ANTS on July 19, August 16 & 30.

Now that after Avicii closing Sundays in Ushuaïa are left vacant, La Famila moves to Sundays and will take place in September weekly as an independent event. Their line-ups rely mostly on DJs who have gained a massive reputation in Ibiza in the last few seasons, such as Hot Since 82, UNER and Breach, but never miss a chance to invite some long-standing stalwarts either, for example Yousef, Timo Maas and Derrick Carter.

Of course, Joris and Nic will be treating the pubic with their infamous back-to-back sets, and meanwhile we had a chance to make a back-to-back interview with them regarding the concept of La Familia, the most memorable sets they have ever played in Ibiza, and what they will do to successfully marry Ushuaïa with their underground beats.

Nic FanciulliLast summer went down in the history of Ibiza as the season when the record-breaking number of promoters tried to launch their parties on the island and failed. What prompted you to start La Familia in 2014, no sooner and no later?
Nic: We had such a good time playing at ANTS together last year that we thought it would be great to step outside the box a bit and do something a bit different this season. We were also keen to do something that we could curate alongside Ushuaïa team.

Joris: La Familia is something that was initiated by the guys at Ushuaïa. As residents at ANTS we played there a couple of times, mostly solo though. The music and production team loved our sets so much that they asked us to put together a new night at the club for this season.

How did you come up with the concept of La Familia?
Nic: We worked really closely with Yann and the whole team of Ushuaïa to create something that we were all happy with and that recreated the family feeling that we were all after.

Having our friends join us for the shows was really important to us, it really stands for what La Familia is about: partying in the open air with your friends and family in Ibiza.

Joris: As Nic said, it’s an idea that came through brainstorming with Ushuaïa production team, and based on the close ‘family’ feeling when Nic and I are playing together.

That’s what it’s about, having a good time all together, instead of just one solo DJ on stage. We’ve invited our friends (and family) to come join us at La Familia parties, in order to get as close as possible to the original family feeling.

Can we say that you created La Familia for the sake of playing b2b in Ibiza more often?
Nic: It wasn’t specifically created for this reason, it was more a product of how successful the b2b shows were last year - it really made us both want to go out and do something together, and create something that we were both proud of.

Joris: Not really, to be honest. In your first question you talked about failed new parties – we wanted to avoid that, so Nic and I decided to team up and create a strong basis for a successful party. The concept is really about doing things together, so that’s why we’re playing b2b.

Joris VoornBy the way, how did you get to know each other and how did your friendship begin?
Nic: Joris did a remix for Saved around 7 or 8 years ago, and things just really kicked off from there. We first met in Australia a while after that - the chemistry seemed to be right, and the b2b shows worked really well, so it was just the next logical step to take it to a bigger stage.

Joris: For sure, it was clear when we met that we clicked, and things went from there. When we play together we combine our most ‘party like’ musical identities, and that seems to work very well.

What are the most memorable sets you have played in Ibiza so far, both separately and b2b?
Joris: For me, it’s impossible to say! There’s been so many good ones. We Love... season closing last year stands out for me, also Cocoon madness live sets, Space closing sets in the parking lot, many closing sets at ANTS last year, our first La Familia set a few weeks back… It’s all been amazing.

Nic: A highlight for me was last year at Space closing with Carl Cox: we played together on the terrace until about midday, and the place was still full.

Obviously the b2b shows at ANTS last year with Joris were also a highlight, and this year La Familia/ANTS shows have just been getting better and better.

We’re only halfway through with our shows, we still have all the Sundays of September ahead of us.

Why did you choose to make La Familia together with ANTS and not, let’s say, with We Love... at Space or Insane at Pacha?
Nic:The idea was really formed alongside the Ushuaïa /ANTS team, it’s a true collaboration.

For me the venue is amazing, like Disneyland for adults! It brings back that feeling of partying under the stars that I loved about Ibiza when I first started coming here years ago.

Joris: They’re always open for new ideas and concepts. We are doing 4 nights with ANTS, and 4 on our own in September, every Sunday. The concepts you mention are already established nights.

Nic Fanciulli and Joris Voorn are La Familia

Which were the highlights of La Familia opening party at Ushuaïa? And which were the things you realized you’d like to change for the next event?
Nic: It was as we expected, and more! Everything from the crowd, the team involved, and all of our friends that came and played, it was all on point. The next step is taking the show away from ANTS, and really pushing the La Familia brand at our September gigs.

Joris: Yes, it was very much like the family vibe we’d hoped for: so many friends playing for us, and a crowd that was really in tune with the event. We had insane numbers through the door, which always helps! So far we’ve been operating under the flag of ANTS, but the real fun, as Nic says, will start when we’re on our own next week!

We wanted to make this party fun, but not cheesy, something which is hard to do, especially when you’re playing underground music. The mafia-theme just seemed to make sense, and the photo-shoot was a lot of fun - it also sits very well with the theme of the night...What will change in your party in September, when you depart from ANTS and go on as a separate event on Saturday?
Joris: We have really unique decor, which matches the whole La Familia concept. Ushuaïa team had a big input in the design which really helped as no one knows the space like them! Of course we’re hoping for a vibe equally as good as ANTS.

Nic: Yeah, we’re really tailoring the club to La Familia concept, it’s been a lot of fun coming up with ideas and different concepts for decor, merchandise and so on. It’s been a really long process and now it’s done, we’re really excited for everyone to see it! The party will be starting slightly later in the day than ANTS, but we’re still going to maintain that sunset open air Ibiza vibe, that is really important to us.

The artwork for La Familia depicts gentlemen in suits, hats and ties – something that you can hardly see in Ibiza. What’s the connection between this style of clothing and Ibiza? Are the guests encouraged to wear ties to your party?
Nic: It’s all very tongue in cheek. We wanted to make this party fun, but not cheesy - something which is hard to do, especially when you’re playing underground music. The mafia-theme just seemed to make sense, and the photo-shoot was a lot of fun - it also sits very well with the theme of the night. We really want to invite everyone to become part of the family, and to have a good time.

Joris: La Familia concept is obviously a bit of a gimmick. We were looking for something fun and different, and we all felt comfortable with the mafia style stereotypical Italian family. It looks stylish and silly at the same time, which is probably the best combination you can have for an Ibiza party concept.

I think sometimes DJs forget that they’re there to make people enjoy themselves, & we’re really going back to that. The music is there to make you dance, & we really want people to walk away from our night and think ‘wow, that was so much fun...Which is the sound of La Familia? Is it lighter and more adapted to open-air dance floors than what you would play, for example, at Space?
Joris: It’s almost like a festival atmosphere, which is a different musical approach than playing in a small and dark club. The music we play has a solid basis in steady grooves, with lots of space for some peak time moments. It’s a feel-good atmosphere we’re trying to set. When the summer is over, I’ll go back into the dark clubs and play the deeper sets again.

Nic: For me, it’s party music. I think sometimes DJs forget that they’re there to make people enjoy themselves, and we’re really going back to that. The music is there to make you dance, and we really want people to walk away from our night and think ‘wow, that was so much fun’. Ushuaïa is also a big place, so you have to adapt your sets accordingly; naturally we’re going to play slightly differently there than we would in a different environment.

The line-ups of La Familia rely mainly on the artists who are already well-known in Ibiza and well-received by the island’s audience. How did you pick them? And why didn’t you decide to bring along some names who are lesser-known for the island’s party circuit?
Nic: It was really important for us to get a lot of our friends involved in the lineups, and create a fun atmosphere with interesting names. Guys like Matthias Tanzmann, Derrick Carter and Âme playing at Ushuaïa is a big deal, and it brings another dimension to the party. As always it’s hard in Ibiza, as a lot of people have other commitments, but we’ve tried to bring as many people along for the ride as we can.

Joris: Like Nic mentioned earlier, Ushuaïa is a big club and you need a lot of people to make it a successful party. Therefore we don’t have the ability to experiment with obscure new names. Having said that, we still have quality lineups with a nice musical diversity and names that are really interesting. Competition is fierce and getting 100% exclusive guests is close to impossible, but as I said, I think we can be proud of what we put together for La Familia!

One of your events was branded as “ANTS presents Cocorico vs. La Familia”. For your next dates of the season, will you team up with some other clubs or labels?
Nic: Once we get to September, we’re out on our own; Sundays will be La Familia at Ushuaïa. ANTS was a great introduction for us, but the real challenge that we look forward to is pushing La Familia identity out on its own - it really lets us be creative with the brand.

Joris: I think this is it for collaborations. No more, let’s just focus on our own identity and make it a success!

Do you have plan B in case September weather lets you down and it starts raining over Ushuaïa?
Nic: Last year I played at Ushuaïa, and it poured with rain - but it was so much fun and the crowd was amazing, so I can’t see it being a problem.
Joris: Umbrellas could be a nice fashion accessory to match the La Familia concept!

If things go well, do you fancy making La Familia a weekly party in Ibiza next summer?
Nic:September is our main focus for now, but you never know!

Joris: Never say never.

La Familia at Ushuaïa
07th September
La Familia presents
Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli
Derrick Carter
Oliver $

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14th September
La Familia presents
Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli
Nick Curly

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21st September
La Familia presents
Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli
Hot Since 82

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28th September
La Familia presents
Joris Voorn & Nic Fanciulli
Mark Fanciulli
+ Special Guest TBA

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