Dgtl presents Paradise ADE at NDSM Scheepsbouwloods - Review

Words by: Errol Leslie
Posted: 23/10/14 9:13
ADE 2014: DGTL presents Paradise, October 17th at NDSM Scheepsbouwloods - Party Review

As my plane touched down on Amsterdam Schiphol Airport runway early Friday evening, my adrenalin notched up a level for what my mind and body was about to receive. Every year come October, I eagerly wait what has begun to become my second home for the weekend. That place is of course Amsterdam Dance Event and all the joy that that beholds.

Straight off the plane and a quick pit stop to the apartment to get changed and it’s on with the action. Tonight’s entertainment being the DGTL event Paradise at NDSM Scheepsbouwloods;  just on arrival it’s apparent that this is going to be a mammoth affair as the colossal steel factory warehouse, towers in the midnight sky with hundreds of baying punters eagerly swarming towards the entrance like moths to a flame, ready to get in on the action.

As I entered inside the sheer size of this fortress hits home. High ceilings that appear to go on for miles and big swinging steel cylinders that hangs majestically down either side of this great auditorium. And it’s packed! Groups upon groups of ravers swinging and swaying as one to the uplifting and smooth melodies of man of the moment Patrick Topping and he doesn’t disappoint. As with most Paradise or Hot Creation line-up heavy events, there’s a big UK gathering and it’s felt, all mixing with their European clubbing cohorts to produce a canvas of euphoria that eclipses most usual dance arenas ten-fold.

After a few cheeky refreshments I head to check out room 2 in the back, which on appearance alone would comfortably hold point as main point of call in most other establishments. Here it had to make do playing second fiddle, but not in the entertainment stakes, as Route 94 did his upmost to tear the place apart with house classic overdrive mode the clear setting on this ever popular DJ machine.

After weaving in and out of the jubilant partygoers, I work my way back to the front of room 1 to take in first-hand the electric energy that is the Martinez Brothers. Their set is its usual great collection of groovy bass lines and eerie tech-funk that fits the occasion admirably and leaves everybody in the room in a sense of ecstasy in anticipation of what’s to come.

Jamie Jones is next onto the decks and like a king settling down in his throne he is treated to a rapturous ovation from his delighted devotees as he nestles in to where is to be his home for the next few hours. His deep house flavours are perfect for the mood of the crowd and each great drawn out drop is met with a synchronisation of energetic fist pumps to take out the steeliest of prize-fighters.

As dawn is closing in I retreat a little to catch my breath before wandering round to check out East Yorkshire’s newest diamond in the dance division wAFF. This guy is all action and with controls to the max he takes us through to the end of the night with aplomb and vigour aplenty. A mass of whoops and shrieks and a room full of bustling bodies close what has been a huge night. Keep it coming Paradise, you’re doing it right.

DGTL presents Paradise October 17th at NDSM Scheepsbouwloods

Photo taken at NDSM Scheepsbouwloods by Desiré van den Berg
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